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What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

It’s Spring wedding season!!! I am sure most of us at this age are getting ready for all the festivities or maybe you yourself are getting married which is even more exciting. Let’s get right into it!

"If the bride has to cover her shoulders you should too."

Be respectful of the couple’s religion and culture

(e.g. don't go to a Catholic Church wedding in a strapless mini, if the bride has to cover her shoulders you should too. The same applies for Muslim weddings, Jewish Orthodox, traditional Chinese etc). If the culture is more conservative, try to dress conservatively. For example, I’m Nigerian and in our culture, it is very much preferred to wear white to a wedding. It symbolize purity. However, for all intents and purposes, we are going to focus on a western wedding for this article. If they have a dress code explicitly on the invitation follow it accordingly.

Don't try to outshine the bride.

Conversely, don’t put little to no effort whatsoever. Personally, I believe DON’T wear a revealing dress. I always imagine my grandparents are attending the wedding and what they’ll think of my outfit. I know it’s tempting to want to show more skin since the sun is finally out but I'd dress more modestly for a wedding than I would for a night out - not too much cleavage or legs showing, unless the bride ask that of her guests. Remember, this is her day, so what she says/wants goes. 

"Chances are that there will be a lot of standing and photo taking, you need to be at least moderately comfortable."

Consider the setting.

If it's a garden or outdoor wedding wear thicker heels which won't sink into the grass and if it’s indoor and mostly sitting, go for heels. When I put this outfit together, I imagined a garden wedding. Thus, I am wearing these simple peach mules from Jaggar the Label from BNKR DTLA here. I suggest wearing shoes that you can walk or stand in. Chances are that there will be a lot of standing and photo taking, you need to be at least moderately comfortable. The heels are short and sturdy and I could stand in them all day. I finished it off with a simple peach clutch from H&M. Whatever you do, please don’t wear an all-white dress. For a spring wedding, a floral dress is perfect. This dress from GeeGeebae is safe because the base is white but it is covered in floral embellishments. I love the elaborate floral embroidery on this dress. To be honest, it is exactly why I purchased it. The dress is also figure-flattering but you can still move relatively freely in it.

Keep Your Makeup Elegant.

I’ll focus on long-lasting makeup that won’t need touch up all day. As long as it is fresh and natural, you’ll be good to go. Keep a face mist handy for refreshing. I kept the look classic by finishing with a nude lipgloss. 

All in all, remember, if you ever find yourself stressing/panicking about what to wear to a wedding, just remind yourself nobody will be looking at you anyway - all eyes are on the bride and maybe the bridesmaids, nobody will remember what you wore as a guest (unless again, you were massively inappropriate). So breathe and enjoy the free food and catching up with old friends. Have a great week and thank you so much for reading!

Stay Fabulous. :) 


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