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Welcome to The InFOOLenser Mentorship Program

A Fool’s guide to a successful influencer career…. 

2022 was a very taxing year for most of us. It was exceptionally challenging for me personally & professionally. The worst of it all is the Carter Agency Scam. Albeit, my followers have been asking me for years to start my own influencer agency, I knew that it wasn’t necessarily for me. Truth be told, I refuse to be part of the problem, but rather a solution. 

     However, I took the last few weeks of the year to do some introspection. I’ve always believed that when my life is in disarray, it’s because I am not living a life of servitude. The fact that the Carter Agency Scandal happened at exactly the 10-year mark from the birth of my influencer career signals some sort of serendipity. I’ve always known that at a certain point in my career, I’ll pivot, reach back to bring up the influencers coming up. I call it the “reach one, teach one” approach. Thus the ‘The InFOOLenser Mentorship Program’ was born.

As we are heading to the biggest recession we’ll know in our lifetime. Influencer marketing is proving to be recession proof. “We forecast that companies will spend $5 billion on influencer marketing in 2022, rising to $6.16 billion in 2023.” - Insider Intelligence.     Every upcoming influencer deserves a part of this pie especially POC influencers. Coming from a long line of educators, it almost seemed inevitable that I’ll end up teaching one way or the other. Starting a mentorship/teaching program for young, upcoming influencers is a way to give back to my community and help the next generation of content creators succeed. 

               As an experienced influencer/blogger, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that will be valuable to young creators just starting out. With my expertise as a mentor, I can help guide and support upcoming creators as you navigate the challenges of building and growing your own platforms. I am hoping to make a positive impact on the broader influencer community. Ultimately, to help foster a sense of collaboration and support, rather than competition, amongst influencers.

I came up with a 6-week program that’ll help foster creativity and innovation: A workshop that is guaranteed to help develop your unique voices and styles, and encourage you to take creative risks and try new things. 

It will be my honor to support your growth, offer encouragement, give you constructive feedback & ultimately be your trusted ally. Cheers to a fabulous & successful 2023. See you in class! 

Apply Here for Q1:


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