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Trend Watch: Neon Green

"According to the fashion world. Neon Green is trending, it’s everywhere and there is no escaping it."

I have never been one to follow trends and this was one trend I wasn’t willing to jump on. Alas, why I am VERY late on the neon green train. To be honest, I didn’t want to look like a highlighter. I had to fall in love with the trend myself. Apparently, "The color of the season is any bright shade of neon," according to the fashion world. Neon Green is trending, it’s everywhere and there is no escaping it. Here’s how to wear this bright color without looking like a 3rd grader’s favorite coloring tool. 

Although I was terrified of this trend,  2019 is my year of having fun and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I agree, it’s shockingly bright but that’s exactly what makes it more fun! Although I’ll always be a fan of a more minimalistic look, I figured it’ll be fun to incorporate this electric color into my wardrobe. 

Neon green has dominated street style. I saw it everywhere in New York during fashion week. We’ve seen it on everyone from Kim Kardashian to Blake Lively and the Jenner sisters and of course, my favorite model, Duckie Thot in Off White. Celebrities can’t seem to stop wearing this color. So, I thought if all these celebrities can pull it off, so can an average fashionista like myself. I don’t think I am ready to wear this color from head to toe, in lieu, I decided to ease my way into it.

Wearing it from head to toe seems like too much of a sartorial risk for me, so I styled this neon green sweater from “Cotton Candy La” from Bollare with simple black pants from Uniqlo to mute the color a bit. 

I noticed that this color made me feel more upbeat and I walked around feeling more confident than usual. To keep the entire color looking polished and classic, I decided to finish it off with my sleek Balenciaga pumps with gold embellishment from I posted more details on this on IG. 

So, I implore you to pick up this brazen color the next time you are out shopping and give it a try. Stand out in your spring outfits and add this unexpected color to your wardrobe. Stay Fabulous!




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