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Trend Watch: Knit Scarves

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday! When I think of knit scarves, I think of Lenny Kravitz with his big knit blanket scarf that went viral a couple years ago (GOOGLE IT)!  A chunky, minimalist scarf seems to be "all the wave these days" as the kids would say. This particular one is made of soft French wool. Knit scarves are a beautiful, luxurious piece to keep you stylish and warm during these winter season. 

When purchasing my very first scarf, I decided to go with my very favorite color. Yellow is my favorite color because it’s pretty, it's bright, it's positive and it's really calm and sweet. On gloomy days like this one, a yellow color brings me happiness and sunshine! It keeps me vibrant and energetic along with the help of caffeine. 

A bright yellow knit scarf like this one that I got from Forever 21 (believe or not) gives you the confidence to express your individuality. Throwing a yellow knit scarf with fringes on an already pattern coat like this one is eclectic and unexpected which makes this outfit even more stylish. 

I finished the whole look with white Zara mules and black denim. 

Wishing all of you a fabulous weekend and as always I’m forever grateful to all of you for your support of me and my blog. 

Shop the scarf here!


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