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The Importance of Face Oils

I’ve had many people tell me they cant use face oils because they break out after using them. This is simply not true. Oils are great for ALL skin types. However, if you use the wrong ones then they can betray you, brutally. Adding facial oils to my skincare routine has completely changed the way my skin looks. My skin looks more radiant, more moisturize and just overall healthy.

Facial oils come before moisturizer and primer. I know the oilier your skin, the more afraid we are about adding more oils. This is a myth. Having oily skin usually means that your skin is actually dehydrated, so you want to add more oils. Most people think that adding oils to their skin is what causes acne. This is simply not true. Not exfoliating on a regular is what causes acne. When you don’t exfoliate, your hair follicle becomes clogged and therefore bacteria grows and then inadvertently becomes pimples.

I know it seems counter-intuitive but you have to trust me on this one. I have oily skin and I only use face oils to moisturize. My top recommendations are hemp seed oil is very lightweight does not clog pores, Marula oil my new fave, moringa oil, and red raspberry seed oil which is a natural sunscreen. Face oils also help prevent wrinkles. As we age our body produces less and fewer oils and it’s our job to replace it. The moisture barrier breaks down and skin dries up. Dehydration is what causes wrinkles.

With all that said, this is one of the skincare products that you really have to think of as an investment. Usually, the more expensive the oil, the fewer fillers they have and that’s what you want. Using some cheaper oils or store bought olive oil can clog pores because they have filler ingredients and aren’t always designed to be used on the face. You want to go for more plant-based oils. The best way to apply face oils for maximum beauty benefit is to pump one or two drops onto the palm of your hand, rub your hands together to warm up the oil, then press your hands onto your face, massaging slightly. This way, the skin absorbs the product.

Remember, your skin gets oily because of an overproduction of oil. So if you put oil on your skin that mimics sebum the naturally occurring oil, your skin will stop producing as much. So, for all of you with oily skin, use more oils as long as you exfoliate regularly.

Stay Fabulous!




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