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The Best Perfumes and Fragrances to Wear This Summer

Because perfumes make the best accessory….. 

Today, we are going to be discussing perfumes because everyone needs a signature summer scent. I chose 9 perfumes that perfectly encapsulates the smell of sunflowers, Lana del Rey music, and cocktails at sunset. I hope you try these intoxicating scents of summer 2020. Let’s get right into it. 

As of right now, this is my favorite scent from Chanel. This scent is citrus heavy but not to worry, the scent dissipates within seconds leaving you with a more subtle citrus smell. It’s a fun, elegant, easy to wear perfume. It reminds me of a summer trip to Europe. It’s a very classy, well-done fragrance. It’s Chanel, I didn’t expect anything less. It’s perfectly unisex. The only downside is that it doesn’t last long, so you’ll have to reapply it throughout the day. 

This fragrance is for all the fabulous ladies and all the daring gentlemen. It has been on the market since 2014 and it’s still one of my favorites. This perfume smells delicious. It’s vanilla heavy which means it’s marketed to women. However, men can also wear this since there is a slight coffee scent to it. This perfume is better to wear at night for dinner or a night out dancing. It should last you a solid 8 hours before it starts wearing off. 

I had this perfume on my wishlist for such a long time and decided to order if for this summer. I’ve been wearing it just for a few days and its quite easy to wear. It certainly is a daytime perfume because of its airy, cooling effect. What I love about this perfume is that what you smell is what you get. Whatever scent you smell right when you spray it, is what you’ll smell for the rest of the day. It’s such a fresh and unique scent. 

This perfume has such a cult following. We all know someone that ALWAYS wears this. It is such a sweet perfume, yet heavy. This perfume lasts a long time (at least 8 hours). I love the rose undertone of it.I wouldn’t recommend this perfume for someone with a sensitive smell as it is quite literally a bomb in its heaviness.However, if you want everyone to notice you when you walk in, this is the perfume for you. 

This is such a peachy sweet smell with daisy notes. This smell is slightly musky which for me means it’s for more sophisticated, mature ladies. The bottle is what gravitated me to this scent. It's simply aesthetically pleasing. You do have to reapply every few hours because the smell doesn’t last long. It’s certainly my favorite in the daisy collection. 

This perfume is unisex. I love everything about this brand. Everything they touch turns to gold and this perfume is no exception.What says summer more than lemons? The top scent is a lime accord and the base is citrus absolute.This makes me want to go to Italy for the summer. 

A very floral perfume with a base of caramel, lemon, and honey. The peony smell is a bit strong which makes it more of nightwear. It takes a while for the smell to kick in. This smell is so pleasant but only lasts about a couple hours which is perfect for a night event. 

The simplicity of this bottle is what sold me. The perfume is vanilla heavy but not too sweet because it is balanced out with a citrus smell. It’s a bit tart because of the black current which makes it a bit of musky vibe. The perfume is blended so well with so much depth and character. The sweetness lingers for a long time even when the perfume is wearing off, which means you can wear it all day. I wear this perfume when I want to feel the most feminine. 

The bottle itself is designed after one of my favorite Chloe bags which is why I had to pick it up. I saved my favorite for last because no perfume embodies my personality more than this perfume. It is for the strong, independent, nomadic type woman. It is a very powdery smell, almost baby powder. I get compliments so much when I wear it. 

These flirty fragrances are light and refreshing. What is your favorite perfume for the summer? Feel free to share it with me on IG. As always, thank you so much for reading.


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