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The 6 Best RoseWater Sprays

Refreshed and Calm Skin...

Rosewater has so many skincare benefits. I added it to my skincare routine after seeing my Mother put it on her face every single night when she was visiting me. It's been used since ancient times. Rosewater is amazing for soothing and cleansing the skin BECAUSE it’s a natural astringent and has an anti-inflammatory effect. All in all, it’s best to use at night right before bed for glowing skin in the morning and it makes a perfect mood enhancer. So, now that we know all the benefits of this magic potion- of course, you can simply make them at home yourself. However, if you are lazy like I am and just simply want to go pick them up next time you do your skincare shopping. I’ve decided to share my 6 favorite rose water sprays with you. Let’s dive right in. 

An inexpensive spray that looks luxurious. I had to give it a try. I picked it up at Ulta about 2 months ago. It’s not only a facial spray, but it's also a setting spray as well. 2 in 1! I apply this product right before I put on my makeup as a base/primer and also to set my makeup throughout the day. This certainly gets a two-thumbs-up from me. It’s a perfect little addition to my skincare routine, especially since its paraben-free! 

I love this particular rosewater because it has Witch Hazel in it. Witch hazel is a natural astringent that helps to gently balance sebum production, reduce blackheads and improve the appearance of blemishes without causing dryness or irritation. It’s the best rose water for tightening pores and creating radiant skin. I prefer using this toner at night for its rose smell which is so calming to fall asleep. The best part? It’s cruelty-free!

I had to put this rose water on here for its versatility. It adds shine & vitality to hair, soothes & softens skin, and can be used as a toner. The glycerin in it is perfect for people with oily skin to use as a primer before your makeup. It is a great alternative to your moisturizer cream. It also smells like fresh roses, not too overpowering - Just a fresh light scent. It only has two ingredients, so perfect for people with sensitive skin like myself. 

This organic rose water is perfect for acne-prone skin. Within a few days of using it, I saw a dramatic reduction in my pore sizes. My PH balance has been all over the place this year and someone recommended this product to me because it balances your skin naturally with a botanical astringent of natural Rose Water. The natural smell of roses gives away that this product is made from rose flowers. They make great, natural & organic products that make a difference in your skin. This product not only makes my face feel refreshed but makes me look it too.

The packaging of this product is stunning but thank God, the mist is just as amazing. This is a skincare must-have! My skin is ALWAYS left feeling instantly hydrated, soothed and well-balanced. The essence from the Jurlique Rose is perfect for protecting the skin and restoring its natural glow. It smells wonderful and makes my skin look luminous, dewy, and supple.

A Sephora employee recommended this one to me a few years back. It doubles as a toner and a setting spray for me on days I am going for minimal makeup. It gives me a natural, dewy finish and helps my makeup last throughout the day. To be honest, the best part of this particular toner is the smell. I call it ‘aromatherapy’ in a bottle. 

All in all, I've been using rose water daily and it has certainly helped with my oily t-zone. I also use it in my hair as well and it has the same effect. If anything, it’s also great to soothe your senses. So, pick up your rosewater today and enjoy it! Thank you so much for reading and have a great weekend!


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