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Sunny Disposition in H&M

Hello! My Mother is in town visiting me for the first time ever and I couldn’t be any happier. I’m wearing this dress to brunch with her today. Self-Portrait is a brand that has gotten very popular over the last few years. The signature aesthetic of the London-based brand are feminine, romantic dresses and separates with lots of lace, embroidery and sheer overlays which have a surprisingly appealing price point. However, if you are a recessionista like myself, you still won’t pay $695 for a dress. So, today I’m bringing you the Self-Portrait Azaelea alternative in this lace midi dress by H&M.  The H&M laced calf-length dress features a v-neck, narrow, adjustable shoulder straps, concealed zip at back, seam at waist with pleats, and full skirt. The dress is available at H&M for $129. The skirt on this dress flares out with pleats for a voluminous silhouette, exaggerating a narrow waist and slender straps up top. I know $129 seems oddly expensive for an H&M dress, but be rest assured, it is worth its money, the fit is flattering and the quality is good. So if you’re a fan of yellow summer dresses, this one is a great buy! Have a fantastic week ahead.

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With Love, Niké Photography: Nicolas Bates of


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