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Summer Staples You Should Have in Your Closet

Hello everyone! We are getting closer to the height of summer even though it has been very gloomy in the city of Angels but we are hopeful. So, today I’ve decided to bring you 5 summer staples you should have in your closet for the summer. Let’s get to it!


You really can’t beat a white tee in the summer. Nothing says all-American as the humble, white T-shirt. It’s versatile, it’s cool, and it’s a staple you can wear any day this summer season.


A MUST HAVE. This uniqueVintage dress is everything. There is just something about the material and cut that I adore. I received so many compliments on it, this past weekend. It’s easy for summer and can be dressed up with a pair of neutral heels or go monochromatic look like this one and wear blue shoes as well. I am wearing the size small and I am 5’3″. It has a corset that makes your waist teeny-tiny. I would suggest going with a strapless bra or one with thin, pretty straps.


As you all know, I love my simple pearls and studs. Statement accessories are the accessories that can take your look from basic to amazing in an instant. This summer, try a different style you aren’t used to. I am wearing a lot of silk scarves. If you typically wear studs, experiment with gold hoops as they go with everything as well.


ooh yes. I have a collection of bags and the addiction is getting worse. I can always count on a good bag to instantly elevate my mood. This particular one is simply beautiful. It is from Henri Bendel. It is bright and colorful and such as statement bag for the summer.


When it comes to summer wardrobe staples, a straw hat is a must! I love this one from Forever 21 simply because it is fun and affordable. I bought them from Forever 21 on a whim 2 years ago and surprisingly I was able to find similar styles online which I have linked for you below. At only $20 they won’t break the bank They go with everything and I am sure fits everyone’s head. Not only does this hat keep the sun off of my face, but allows me to go an extra day before washing my hair again and it’s super stylish too.

So, hope you enjoyed this pieces that will get you through every rendezvous, cocktail hour, and spontaneous road trip. When the heat-wave hits, make sure you’re ready for your best summer ever with these can’t-do-without essentials. Stay Fabulous!



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