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Style Edition: Black Maxi Skirt

Hello, Loves! It’s no secret that the maxi skirt is hands down one of the most comfortable staples in our closets, right? But often times they seem so one dimensional. How long should a maxi skirt be? How do you pull it off with closed-toe shoes? I’ve always loved a full skirt and especially a black one. This full black skirt from Delphine the label is such a classic skirt. I opted for a flowy crop top making it flattering (and cool!) option in this Los Angeles heat. Letting a bit of your middle peek through shows off your figure and ensures your waist is still defined. I am wearing this outfit to Figat7th to reveal my billboard. To think couple years ago, I was sleeping on people’s couches and now I have my own billboard in the greatest city in the world. Life is a dream.

Xx Niké


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