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Screen to Style: Sex and the City

A Sex and the City inspired Outfit!

This outfit is a little pick me up! Lately, I’ve been feeling stuck in all aspects of my life especially work. It’s no mystery that I love to travel and I have an unquenchable fernweh that I need to feed constantly. I’m eternally seeking for something new and exciting thus when I don’t have it in my life it shows in my dressing. (Someone buy me a ticket to anywhere! Hell, I’ll even go to Antarctica at this point.. I just need to travel) Needless to say, I’ve been going to work in the most atrocious outfits ever! However, I was invited to L.A Style event with Kim Whitley and I knew I had to wear something that would abate my perpetual foul mood. So, I grabbed my whimsical tulle skirt paired it with a lavender blouse and finished it with gold sandals. Follow me on Instagram and sign up to to get more details on this outfit.

Xx Niké


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