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New York with Architectural Digest

Oh my! Where do I start? When I first received the email to come to NewYork with architectural digest, I almost died. Literally, passed out. My life has officially stopped being real. I keep saying, whoever is letting me borrow their life, please don’t ask for it back. I always say, I am not a blogger, I am a creative and more importantly a business woman. I draw inspiration from everything and to be honest, interior design was my very first love. So, this was a trip of a lifetime.

Twas such a short notice that I couldn’t really style myself, so I ran to EntreNous Showroom, a luxury consignment store that just went through a rebranding. When you visit Entre Nous Showroom on Robertson, you get to browse a wide array of modern and vintage designer pieces.

The owner Randi gives you a complete personal styling consultation. She picked out luxury items for me. She pushed me to go outside my comfort zone and picked items, I’ll have never ever picked myself. I picked up everything from Prada to Valentino, chanel and much more. I wanted to dress to impress for the show and honey, yes.. yes I did!

Well, as soon as I arrived in NewYork, I caught a fever (as per usual) accompanied with the craziest pink eye, I’ve ever seen. I took a day to rest but then with my fever and pink eye I decided “the show must go on”. I had to shoot some street style. So, it was back to work like I wasn’t dying.

There was a blizzard but because I had a 103 degree fever, I didn’t really feel much and also the blizzard made for such beautiful pictures.

Moving on to the show… Architectural digest is one of those brands in my wildest dreams that I’ll never thought I’ll get to work with. I mean as a child my parents received the monthly issue and I will flip through them and dream of my future home. Life comes in full circle. Every year Architectural Digest searches the globe for trailblazing talents across architecture, art, landscape design, product design, and technology. These creatives are redefining their industries with new discoveries, ever expanding the boundaries of their fields. I say its pretty much the fashion week of Architecture.

I was specifically hired for the Jenn Air booth. The Whirlpool luxury appliance brand, is launching a new line of kitchen appliance designs and they decided to launch their whole rebranding at the Architectural Digest Design Show.

Their rebranding was from everything from their logo, their image, watermark and campaign “Bound By Nothing”. I love anything luxury and I’m not easily impressed. However, I was beyond impressed. I wore this Maison Valentino to the booth. I love how classy this suit is.

They threw us an after party afterwards and it was amazing. They brought out Nas to perform, as in the greatest of all time, NAS. Needless to say, I fainted. Watch their new campaign here to get inspired.

I decided to hang around for the weekend to meet up with all my favorite PR girls. From Maybelline to Elizabeth Arden. Loved catching up with all of them.

Listen, there is no such thing as luck. The harder you work, the “luckier” you get. I know people don’t understand how these opportunities keep happening for me and I keep hearing all the rumors about me. Let me help you out, when the world is sleeping, I am working. When I am in a hospital, I’ll push out content, if I have 20 cents left in my account, I’ll still shoot. I am passionate about what I do and I don’t get detered by life circumstances.

The universe always finds a way to take care of the good people as the lovely Taraji says. Say what you want about me but make sure you say “she is killing it though” at the end of your gossip. So, let’s put all the rumors and stalking to rest, I work hard and I pray harder. There is your answer.

Goodbye NewYork! Till Next time! Stay fabulous


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