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My Night-time Skin Care routine

Hi Guys!

Today I’m sharing my Night-time skin care routine with you all. I was one of those people who were adamantly against skin care. Because quite frankly, I’ve never had skin problems. At the risk of sounding braggy, I get one pimple a year if that. I’ve always been blessed with good skin. However, the older I get the more my skin is starting to act up. Not only have I been seeing weird bumps all over my face lately, dare I say it? I’m getting wrinkles. I told God, we had a deal as a black woman, I’m not supposed to age at all but here we are, aging and what not…

With that said, I started an intense skincare routine. Staying true to my extremist persona, I don’t do the 7 steps, I do like 20 steps.. EVERY NIGHT (Ok, I’m exaggerating 12 steps, 2ce a week). My skin literally feels and looks like baby butt and I wanted to share it with you guys.


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