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My Fifth Avenue Moment

Elizabeth Arden is one of my favorite brands. It is such a classic brand. I remember my Mother using all their products when I was growing up. So, when they asked to collaborate with me on their 5th avenue perfume, I was elated.

I have always said I was a perfume collector. I have a perfume menagerie. About 80 bottles and counting actually. Perfume, for me, is a part of my wardrobe just like my shoes or top. I say it is a secret accessory.

Fifth Avenue is a world-famous street; it is a symbol of wealth, an imagination that has turned into reality. This is a fragrance for a woman who possesses a sense of style, a woman who is intelligent, successful, elegant, and easily walks between luxurious showcases, feeling good in her own skin. The top notes are lilac, linden blossom, dewy magnolia, mandarin, and bergamot. The heart notes are Bulgarian pink violet, ylang-ylang, jasmine, Indian tuberose, peach, carnation, and nutmeg. The base is composed of amber, Tibetan musk, sandalwood, iris, and vanilla. The fragrance was created by Ann Gotlieb in 1996. I’ve always loved the branding of this perfume. I can see why it’s such a best seller. This perfume is accurately named, it is not a misnomer at all.

The smell transforms you to Carrie from Sex and the city or even Audrey Hepburn in breakfast at Tiffanys. Every time I wear it, I imagine carrying a load of shopping bags, huge sunglasses, and 6-inch heels. Oh wait, I do that already. This perfume smells like luxury and elegance.

It normally retails for $54.00 dollars. It’s worth it at any price. 5th Avenue is both sophisticated and feminine. It contains a bouquet of floral notes, including lilac and lily-of-the-valley, which I both love. It’s fresh and sweet and light enough to wear to church or to the office, but it works for nighttime too. The bottle is very chic and elegant. The juice has moderate sillage and longevity. I reach for this when I want to seem both understated and feminine.

Simply Fabulous.


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