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My Brand New Bedroom Reveal!

AHHHHH! I am so excited to reveal my new bedroom! As you guys probably know, I moved a while ago but to be honest, I haven’t done one single furnishing as life has been incredibly hectic, to say the least. However, my parents are visiting this spring, so I am starting to speed things up. 


  So many of you have been asking to see my place, especially after showing bits and pieces of it on social media! So, I’ve decided to reveal as I go. I just finished my room and we decided to shoot it immediately while it’s still neat and perfect. 

My house is a 1940’s house, so I wanted the interior to feel vintage as well yet somehow modern? My personal style is based on old Hollywood, so that’s what I went for in the interior design. I heard somewhere that midcentury modern décor is hotter than ever. 

At first, I considered hiring an interior designer. However, I quickly realized hiring one can be very expensive, especially if you need multiple revisions to get the design just the way you like it.  The idea was to create a minimalistic room with a vintage vibe. Did I achieve this? Most likely not! However, I tried. I started by sticking to a neutral palette. I wanted all white and greens and, nude. My bedroom is a great-sized room but has some really unique design challenges that made things a little tricky to decorate. Since it’s an old building my ceilings are very low which in turn makes things feel suffocating. Therefore, minimalism was the only way to go.

I decided to start with my closet because well it’s my pride and joy. Very lucky to have a walk-in closet. The $30 chandelier in my closet was from Walmart believe it or not. The lamp on my nightstand is from Ikea. Just because some pieces of furniture was inexpensive doesn’t mean it has to look cheap. I got the plant stand in the corner from Target. It was such a steal and the plant whom I lovingly named “Becky” is from bloomscape.

I anchored the entire room with this custom-made luxurious APT2B upholstered bed in deep blue and pecan legs to make the whole room feel grounded. I love this bed so much because it’s simply wow-worthy designed. This upholstered panel bed fits the room perfectly. It’s wrapped in velvety smooth polyester fabric which brings such richness to the ambiance of the room. I decided to also purchase my pillows from there since I was already on the site and this particular pillow complemented so well. The nightstand is also from APT2B.

I got my matress from blissful sleep, a store here in Los Angeles. It was such a fun experience trying out different mattresses and getting the white glove delivery directly to my home.

I kept the bedding simple with white linen sheets from and a wool throw to tie this minimalist look together. 

My vanity area is my second favorite part of my room. The mirror is from Target and the desk which is from Ikea adds a modern and fresh breeze to the room. To elevate the style of the whole room and make it a bit more modern, I added a sleek floor length mirror from Home Decor by my vanity area. 

Overall, I am so incredibly happy with my room. It feels so personal. To be honest, I love this space and decor but I know that I’ll continue to tweak it here and there but so far it’s so cozy and functional. I love the character and texture of my old house and I do not want to take away from that but just continue to elevate it a bit. Now, meet me in the living room which is even more challenging. 

With love and light. Stay Fabulous!



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