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International Women's Day with adidas: Interview with Christina of Specsandblazers

In honor of International women’s day, I decided to do something unusual over here at Specsandblazers and put my amazing photographer, Christina in front of the camera. I’ve always said other than a lover, there are very few relationships more intimate than that of a Photographer/blogger relationship. It’s important that they shoot you from a lens of love and that could only be achieved with an organic relationship. Christina is one of the most compassionate and amazing humans who understands my neurosis without any judgment. Enjoy our Q&A below: 

Niké: How did you get involved with Specsandblazers?

Christina: Online! I applied to hundreds of jobs but this one was exactly what I was looking for. We met up for coffee and did a test shoot, and I think we hit it off right away.

Niké: Do you believe in creative’s block? If so, how do you overcome it?

Christina: Absolutely! I think everyone is different and the only solution is to find the source and attack it. It’s like facing your fears. For me, I would always doubt myself. I would look at a photographer and think, “I could never be that good.” So, to overcome that fear, I would look at pictures I never thought I could take and just go for it, putting my own spin on it. I was always surprised to see I loved the miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!

Niké: What is the most special thing someone has said about your photography?

Christina: A few years ago, someone told me my photography makes them feel confident. I love photographing people who don’t model often because they are always like “wait, that’s me?”

Niké: What mantra do you currently live by?

Christina: “The expert of anything was once a beginner.” I’ve lived by this ever since I started studying photography! When you’re getting started at something it’s so easy to quit because you think you can’t possibly be as good as the experts, but try to remember, they once felt the same way. It’ll change everything!

Niké: How do you approach being a photographer for ‘Specsandblazers' without clashing creatively?

Surprisingly, we rarely clash creatively. I think it’s all in understanding the brand. Sometimes we shoot 10 looks a day, and we can’t do that if we aren’t seeing eye to eye.

Niké: What sets a good photographer apart from a bad one?

Christina: I think making use of lighting is so important. Lighting makes or breaks a picture. There are also so many photographers who take an amazing photo and they take away the beauty through editing process. Editing is everything!

Niké: What is your single most important message to aspiring photographers?

Christina: Don’t ever give up, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make it.

Niké: Who were your Photography heroes?

Christina: My grandfather was a photographer and always taking pictures of me and my siblings growing up, and his camera was the first camera I ever picked up. I remember asking him why he was always taking pictures and he winked and said “you’ll thank me some day.” I keep a photo of him holding his camera in my camera bag and it makes me smile.

Hope you enjoyed reading this Q&A with this young lady with whom I’m inspired by every day. Happy International Women’s day. You can purchase Christina’s adidas dress here. Stay Fabulous. 

This post was sponsored by Adidas.


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