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How to Use a Face Mist (and Yes, You Need One!)

Hi Ladies! As you all know, skincare is such an integral part of my life. If you are a skincare addict like me, there is one step everyone debates about and that is face mists. Let’s start with what are face mists? Face mist primes your skin for makeup. If you apply it before your foundation, a layer of face mist helps create a smoother, more hydrated canvas over which to apply makeup. Do you need face mists? Absolutely! They are a key to a lovely skin all summer long.

Since I started using face mists last year, I realized it keeps my skin happy and healthy with every burst. To be honest, its a slight therapeutic experience every time I close my eyes and that cold water touches my face during the summer heat. So, today I have decided to share this 4 new sprays I can’t get enough of this summer because there’s no better time to add a little refreshment to your skin care routine. Here are my 4 favorites Face mists to keep handy this summer and all through fall and winter.

1. HERBIVORE Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist – $32

This face mist is perfect for all skin type. It’s an all-natural face mist with coconut water, hibiscus, and rose to instantly revitalize your skin. You guys know I love all things coconut based. This mist is created with pure plant actives—no fillers. It has no particular perfume odor, so its perfect for someone with a sensitive nose like myself. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free.

2. CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Face Spray – $25.50

I love all things Clinique for many reasons but simply because it is such an affordable brand. This oil-free face spray rapidly replenishes skin’s moisture level, restores skin balance and soothes the skin. Used with your favorite moisturizer is great for a thirsty skin relief, this spray rapidly refreshes and rejuvenates the skin.

3. OSEA sea vitamin boost – $38.00

I love this cruelty-free and organic brand. It’s the only one out of the 4 that significantly reduces aging. This refreshing mist delivers an instant surge of hydration and radiant glow to dull, thirsty skin. Loaded with antioxidant-rich Organic Algae, Resveratrol and Pomegranate. The perfect skin-quenching anytime pick-me-up. This particular mist is perfect for sensitive and dry skin. I personally use the mist as a toner. I spritz all over my face every night after cleansing and before applying an oil. It really helps my skin soak up the oil.

4. Josie Maran Nirvana Hydrating Treatment Mist – $38.00

This mist is everything! This particular one is very personal. It’s not the sort of mist you can recommend to someone else. It has a particular smell that you either love or absolute hate. it has a protein-rich mineral product that is specifically designed to smooth and moisturize skin. Also, it has a natural essence of cucumber and geranium to revitalize the senses. This is a really nice botanical mist that has a nice touch off Argon oil at the end to lock in the lovely botanical infused water. For an extra hydration Nirvana provides, simply spray over your makeup all day!

I hope you all love this post. Remember, face mists are perfect for a burst of moisture at any time of the day and especially during peak ray-blasting hours. Always, keep a face mist handy. They should be an integral part of your skincare to prime, balance, and hydrate your complexion.

So, keep cool this summer. Lounge in the shade, wear cute shorts, and keep a face mist close by because everyone deserves a glowy face all summer 18.


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