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How to Master the Art of Layering with adidas (Streetwear)!

Hello everyone! I hope you are having an awesome day. I am so honored to be writing this article in partnership with my adidas family. Fall is the perfect time to test out your layering skills. As the temperature drops, we all have the urge to throw on an oversized coat and call it a day but fall gives an advantage in showing your fashion sense. So today I am going to show you how to nail layering wearing all adidas pieces. 

Invest In your Essential Pieces

These essential pieces will serve as the bottom layer also known as the foundation of the whole outfit. Just like a house, if the foundation is strong, everything else would fall into place. A basic fitted top is a must. If it’s quite cold, feel free to go for a turtleneck as long it is fitted. As you can see I have a white tee here and I built my whole outfit around it. 

Mixed Proportions

Shorter pieces over longer pieces or longer pieces over shorter pieces, it truly doesn’t matter. In this case, I am wearing my loose adidas jumpsuit over my white tee creating a balance in the outfit. I added a belt around my waist to make the outfit look a bit more proportionate. 

Reverse Layering:

Reverse layering creates the ultimate visual interest. It is more ideal for streetwear and very on-trend right now. Unlike standard layering where the outer-piece is the longest layering. Reverse layering allows you to have more fun and be more creative by keeping the outer-piece the shortest item on your body. The closest item on your body would be the longest piece. This makes you more unique. It shows that you know what you are doing this season. For example, here I added this adidas cropped jacket over the whole outfit. This jacket is not too heavy or too light, its just perfect. This jacket adds the perfect flair, and I added this white adidas hat to finish off the look. I hope you enjoy this article in partnership with my @adidas family and find it informative and helpful. As always, thank you so much for reading. 


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