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How to Dress Like You're Wearing Dior

How to dress like you are wearing Dior! Dior has always been one of my favorite designers. The name Dior is as synonymous with haute couture today as it was back in the 40s when the designer debuted his first collection. The full-skirted, wasp-waisted dresses and coats were an instant hit not only in Paris but around the world. Dior is the definition of glamorous style. The elegance and class of the brand is synonymous with my personal style and brand. However, that is a brand I cannot afford anytime soon but a girl can dream. I believe dressing up is instrumental to success. We like it or not, your appearance is what people see first and you’ll not believe how many doors would open for you if you simply dress well. However, since I can’t afford Dior right now, I have a few steps on how we can fake it till we make it now. So, let’s get right into it.

1. Invest in Neutral colors especially black.

Black is elegant, graceful and more importantly polite. Black is elegant and chic; black is slimming; black looks good on all skin tones; black looks good with all hair colors; black looks as good on men as it does on women. BLACK is GOLD. As Christian Dior himself says “Black is the most slimming of all Colors. It is the most flattering. You can wear black at any Time. You can wear it at any age. You can wear it for almost any occasion. I could write a book about black”. Study Confirms That Wearing Black Clothing Makes You Appear More Attractive, Intelligent, and Confident. Personally, I feel like wearing all black allows you to go over the top with your outfit like this particular one.

2. Tulle Skirts.

Tulle skirts were a major theme of the spring/summer collection from Dior. I know tulle skirts are a little risky because you can easily look like you walked out of black swan but if done right, it could really elevate any outfits. You can find a fresh and high-style ways to wear tulle. Tulle can be styled in different ways.You can wear them for different occasions .From casual to formal , street style to funky look tulle just give a stunning look.  How sophisticated this simple black midi skirt looks with beautiful black pumps.

3. Don’t under-dress or Over-accessorize. 

Listen, the fastest way to be successful is to dress like you are already successful. Of course, don’t go broke trying to look rich but when you look good, you feel good. Honestly, The only people that can afford to look poor are the rich, and the rich don’t. When it comes to pairing your outfit with a bright scarf or funny tie you might want to think twice. Remember with Dior, less is more. I accessorized with this Couture Millenery hat which is a bold statement on it own. It’s important to get hair and makeup right. I pulled my hair away from my face to give the hat all the attention and paired it with my signature bright red lipstick and my trusted STRATHBERRY. Despite having great clothes if your hair and makeup is not done well you can sabotage your whole image. So accessorize meticulously.

“Simplicity, good taste and grooming are the three fundamentals of good dressing and these do not cost money.”

— Christian Dior

Stay Fabulous.

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