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Screen to Style: Mad Men

Recently, I started watching “Mad Men” and in my truest form, I am addicted. My boyfriend has been trying to force me to watch it forever since it’s his favorite show and my style is slightly based on Old Hollywood. Well, I finally listened and it’s changed MY LIFE! But then, I also say that about everything.

The costume design is impeccable. The Costume designer is brilliant in how she brings each character to life through their style and recreating 60’s essence with such authenticity. There is something powerful when you are watching a show and you want to live vicariously through the characters. Of course, I’ll never be as fabulous, I had to recreate some of the looks especially inspired by the character Joan. Her style is very sassy, bright and a bit flirty.

The ladies at Unique Vintage sent me this beautiful green dress from the 50’s and immediately thought of Joan. What I love Unique Vintage is that their line is size inclusive. Fashion in the 60's began with the prim and proper simplicity of Jackie O.s style. Women loved her perfect pearls and skirt suits. But soon, fashion took a turn for the less proper as skirts got shorter, boots got higher and women dressed less like matriarchs and more like young ladies. Ladies started showing a little more skin with class.

This bewitching emerald green dress rich in 1950s vintage appeal fresh is unparalleled! Boasting a gathered surplice v-neckline, trim and tailored half sleeves with darling button detail and a thick banded natural waistline that creates a minimized silhouette. An ample A-line swing skirt billows to knee length in soft pleats, zipping slyly up the back. Crafted in a supremely soft stretch blend in stunning retro structure, forming an understated yet flattering design. I was fabulously floored when I tried it on!

I styled it with a polka dot scarf with a smooth and sheeny satin like fabric from Forever 21. I finished it off with my trusted So Kate pumps and a simple black clutch. Hope you enjoyed this look as I did styling it very much.



“You’re born alone and you die alone and this world just drops a bunch of rules on top of you to make you forget those facts.” -Don Draper, Mad Men


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