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How to Dress for Summer If You Have Classic Style

Happy Friday everyone! Wishing you all a great long weekend full of lovely memories!

Let’s get right into it! The sun is finally out in full force in Los Angeles, after months of cloudy days. Which means, we are ready to start wearing less and going out more, right? But what do you do, if you are like me and you prefer clean, structured pieces and timeless silhouettes? We are all aware that summer trends are designed with a more go-with-the-flow, beach-y girl in mind. If you are like me and you loathe trends and seems to always be at a loss this time of the year, this article is a must-read.


Very rarely would you see me in shorts but every now and again, I have a moment where it’s just too hot for long skirts or pants. Modern-day pants and shorts often sit around the hips. However, for a more classic style, find one that buttons up a few inches higher like this one from ILOVETYLERMADISON. I styled it with a white button up from WhoWhatWear Collection for a more classic style. If you want to get some compliments while out on the town, try out a pair of vintage white-framed sunglasses like this one from Raen with the look. Opt for a large, bold shaped lens with thick, fantastically plastic rims. You will be sure to turn some heads. The perfect way to finish a look like this is with a classic kitten heel. The kitten heel is the happy medium of hot weather footwear. This one from Zara is cutesy yet fashionable. Kitten heels are versatile and much more low-maintenance than the classic heel.

  Conclusively, summer styles should be fun and playful but certainly unique to you. If you think that your summer style options are limited by current trends, you are quite mistaken! Classic clothing doesn’t mean stiff and boring. Head over to STEAL MY STYLE to try this outfit for an effortlessly pulled together look. You can be uniquely you, timeless and fabulous all summer. Wishing you a great weekend ahead and thank you so much for reading! 


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