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How To: Create Cool Looks with the Slip Dress this Fall

Hello, SB! Slip dresses! They are everywhere and quite controversial. You can love them or you can hate them, but you can NEVER escape them. Kate Moss made them famous in the 90s, the runway made them even more famous in 2000s, and street style has now solidified them as a wardrobe staple. The slip dress is the key to wear a summer trendy look, but even trendier for fall.  

I love the slip dress because it is simply perfect to be worn at night for an effortlessly sexy look, but even cooler during the day! The slinky, clinging silhouette is quite flattering on most body shapes, as long as it is styled properly. 

So, how to style the slip dress for fall without feeling like you are wearing a nightgown? Here are some fashion tips on pushing fashion boundaries with the slip dress.  

"...the most important is to layer by balancing out its feminine overtones."

There are various ways that you can incorporate this trend into your fall wardrobe, but the most important is to layer by balancing out its feminine overtones like I am doing here. I love off-whites or silvers with blush tones. I tend to pair these two colors together to offset one another. Adding this blush silk floral blazers on top of my silver slip dress makes the look more romantic and sweet, and also serves the purpose of being covered up. 

Remember, the slip dress accentuates every part of your body. Therefore, layering helps in hiding certain parts that you don't feel like showing off.

I love how Rihanna styled her slip dress here. This is perfect for the edgy girl. Her style is effortless and this outfit is just as effortless. Channel Bad Gal Ri-Ri by tossing on an oversized fur jacket over it. You can keep things chic and simple— white strappy sandals with a chain trim and a delicate necklace.

With my outfit, I bought this Lautem bag in green and loved it so much that I had to buy it in pink as well. It looks really high end and brings this particular outfit together. I finished it off with my Louboutins because the blush pink complements my duster impeccably well. 

Another example of how to wear a slip dress well is this look here. This is such an elevated way to style the slip dress for fall and I am loving it. This Italian blogger is rocking her slip dress (a silver one like mine with a leather jacket and boots. Tres chic. Edgy, yet practical. 


Dare I say it? THIS 90S CLASSIC IS YOUR WARDROBE'S NEW MVP! Consider the slip dress your new little black dress and pick up one for yourself this fall. So, how do you like to style your slip dress for fall? As always, thank you so much for reading and see you next Friday. 


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