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How to Celebrate a Birthday During the Coronavirus Shutdown

Because its my special day...

It’s my birthday!!!! Who would have thought we’d still be in lockdown? However, in the spirit of turning lemons into lemonade, I decided to not let it get me down and figure something out. After a quick self-pity session, my focus shifted from what I’d be losing to what I could control about MY special day. So, I reached out to my Canyon Country LA family, and they took over my birthday plans and created a fabulous itinerary for my birthday with my closest friends.

Select a location

Once you see the venue has all of your must-haves and fits your budget, then feel free to book. I chose the Mondrian Hotel because it was my first official introduction to ‘L.A.' quite a while ago. Also, it is very close to my home and is spacious enough to fit my closest friends while still social distancing. This magnificent hotel is in the heart of West Hollywood, on the famous Sunset Strip.

The Skybar (located at the Mondrian) is a fixture of L.A. nightlife. It is absolutely the most beautiful view at night. This is truly nostalgia at its finest, since I spent my whole 20s partying there. The hotel also has one of my favorite restaurants as well: The Ivory on Sunset, a full-service restaurant (open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily) with indoor and outdoor seating. However, since it wasn’t open, we decided to do a Carryout Picnic - courtesy of Katana LA.

"In addition, the restaurant has an elevated terrace overlooking the famous Sunset Strip."

Carryout Picnic!

Whatever your favorite meal may be, grab it to go. If it’s from a restaurant, easy enough, if it’s home cooked, pack it up. I chose to order takeout right across the street from my favorite sushi spot, Katana LA. Usually, Katana is energetic, and stylish. They serve Japanese cuisine in an elegant setting, accented with elements like a live DJ and dramatic candlelight. In addition, the restaurant has an elevated terrace overlooking the famous Sunset Strip. In any rate, we ordered sushi to go and enjoyed the delicious meal back at our hotel.

"In Dr. Fauci’s words “don’t be the weakest link!"

Wear a Mask!

Make sure your guests are fully equipped with masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and anything else needed to ensure everyone is protected on your special day. In Dr. Fauci’s words “don’t be the weakest link!"

I am so incredibly grateful to Canyon County LA for helping me celebrate my birthday safely - and - graciously as possible.



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