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Sprint your way to success….

When COVID hit, I also got hit by 20 pounds of extra weight like a ton of bricks. My problem area has always been my stomach. For the past few months, I’ve been training and becoming leaner with my gut persisting. My goal and my biggest dream is to have a billboard with adidas and you know what they say,“luck is when opportunity meets preparation.” So, I’ve been training in preparation for this happening one day. How did I get rid of belly fat eventually and become leaner? SPRINTS! 

"Sprints usually consist of training in short bursts at a high percentage of your maximum speed (80-100%). This is applying high effort for a short period of time."

What is Sprint Training?

Sprint training is high-intensity training, whereas long-distance training can be referred to as low-moderate intensity training. Sprints are the ultimate gains exercise. Long-distance training typically consists of running at a steady speed that is usually a low percentage of your maximum speed (40-60%). It’s applying low-moderate effort for a long period of time. 

Sprints usually consist of training in short bursts at a high percentage of your maximum speed (80-100%). This is applying high effort for a short period of time. HIGH INTENSITY, HIGH RESULTS! Not only does sprinting help in building muscles and becoming shredded, but it's also quite powerful for the mind. It takes a certain level of mental strength to push yourself to the maximum over and over and over. 

What Does my Sprint Training Consist of?

My workout is VERY simple. The most important step with sprinting is getting in comfortable shoes. What better pair of shoes than the adidas SuperNova? These shoes were designed specifically for runners. Adidas studied runners' movements to create a shoe with targeted breathability, flexibility, and support that allows for a comfortable ride. To start off with, I do some stretching, then 30 seconds of jogging to warm up. I do 6 sets of 35 meter all-out sprints. Here’s the hard part: only 30 seconds of rest between each sprint.  You want to be explosive and fast all the way to the last second. I perform these 2-3 times a week.

Although this is going to be an extremely short workout, it’s not going to be easy. You’re going to feel it, especially the next day. 

Why Should You Do Sprints?

1. Sprints reduce a significant amount of body fat in a very short amount of time

  • A study from 1994 compared 15 weeks of sprints to 20 weeks of steady-state training (long-distance training). Over this time span, the sprint group lost 9 times as much overall body fat than the steady-state group and 12 % more belly fat. 

  • A study in 2010 found that participants who performed 6 sprint sessions in only 2 weeks lost 3cm from their waist.

2. Build muscle as you lose fat

  • Long-distance training too often can impair your ability to gain strength/muscle, and can even result in a loss of muscle/strength in some cases. This is because to be efficient at moving in long distances, you need to be light. The muscle is heavy. Running too much will have your body trying to lose some muscle to make it more efficient in long distance. Conversely, sprint training can not only help maintain muscle mass as you lose body fat, but can even increase muscle mass. You are killing two birds with one stone. 

3. Save time and be more efficient

• Long-distance training can be very time-consuming. Not everyone has the time to take 45 minutes out of their day to go for a jog. Anyone that knows me, knows I need to get through everything quickly. Sprint training can be very short. I can get through my whole workout in less than 20 minutes.

4. Build mental resilience

•Sprints are difficult, YES! Training at maximum effort is even harder, YES!  Are my legs always shaking and screaming? ABSOLUTELY! However, knowing this, yet continuing to do it over and over after the first time to do it 6 more times is truly the ultimate mental test. Pushing through the physical pain that accompanies sprints will enhance your mental toughness and build resilience. I have been able to apply the formula I use to push through my workout in all other aspects of my life. 

So How Do You Start?

Finding a good pair of running shoes is SO important. Running is a heavier impact exercise which can take some strain on your feet if you don't wear the right pair. To figure out which pair was best for me, I headed to this blog post on the adidas website. Once you figure out what type of shoe is best for you- don't worry, they have a plethora of options!

Conclusively, imagine a work-out that could forge mental toughness and help in overcoming obstacles, deal with any hardships, build muscles, lose fat, all while coming out on the other side intact and ready to take on the world. THAT’S SPRINTING! 


As always, THANK YOU so much for your love and support.  Running to the next post in my adidas. See you there! 


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