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My Travel Guide to Tulum, Mexico


I am so happy to write this post because this Tulum trip was everything I needed and more. I have never experienced a trip more cathartic trip. Tulum had been on my bucket list for quite some time so this was a no-brainer. I decided to treat my whole team to a week in Tulum. Truly, It is one of the most beautiful places on planet earth. Here are the highlights of our trip! Hope this helps you plan your Tulum experience.

“There was the most serene, peaceful, spiritual almost eerie feeling at the Cenotes. This place is one of those places you have to visit to believe. ”

Niké at the Cenotes

TOURISM: We Visited the Cenotes about 20 minutes from our hotel. The Mayans actually believed the Cenotes were portals to the underworld. The Cenotes were where they make sacrifices to the gods. This was the most serene, peaceful, spiritual almost eerie feeling at the Cenotes. This place is one of those places you have to visit to believe. Perhaps, one of the clearest blue water I’ve ever seen. The water looks like something out of this world and with a beam of light that shoots through the darkness into the cave. Take goggles in with you if you have them, there are great formations under the water and you need to pay to rent goggles once you’re inside. I’ll have to say it’s the closest thing to heaven I have ever experienced. We rented bicycles and although I fell many times, I kept getting back up. We rode our bicycles everywhere.


Mama Matcha Tulum

When we got hungry, nothing is more tropical than an Acai bowl. We stopped by Mama Matcha Tulum and made some new friends. We also had street tacos about every other hour because where else would you get street tacos better than Mexico? I was a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain’s show “Parts Unknown." One of my favorite things he said was that when you travel, you should eat street food. “On the streets in Mexico, vendors roll a taco with their hands, and hand it to you with their hands… there is an intimate transfer going on; they are telling you that this recipe is a reflection of what my parents taught me, my grandparents, my region, my language, culture, and history. This is what I do, what I am good at; this is who I am and what I am and I would like to share it with you. Street food is simply the best and healthiest because it’s made out of love. You can pay in either Mexican pesos or U.S. dollars, but the exchange rate works in your favor if you pay in pesos.


We had a fabulous stay at Live, Tulum. It's a smaller hotel in downtown, so it was right by all the shops. The service was impeccable and the room was large enough to fit my whole team! It was just a bike ride away from the Gran Cenote and the beach. There were free bike rentals and lovely breakfasts every morning, as well as stunning sitting areas at every corner.

That's all for my stay in Tulum, Mexico! Travel safe and most importantly, Stay Fabulous.




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