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From Homelessness to Homeowner: A Triumph Over Adversity

I bought a house in LOS ANGELES! I am truly overwhelmed with a mixture of gratitude to God, nostalgia, and a profound sense of achievement. My journey from couch surfing,  living in a 98’ Nissan Altima, and showering at gyms to becoming a homeowner in the same city is nothing short of a miracle. 


        Growing up as an immigrant from Nigeria, the American dream was always the white picket fence. However, the odds seemed stacked against me, and the world often felt like a battleground where I had to fight for every opportunity. But anyone who knows me would describe me as tenacious. Since I was a child, within me burned an unquenchable fire – a determination to rise above any tribulation, a refusal to let the world define me in any shape or form, and a ruthless belief in myself. 

I’ve always been open about my difficult life. The idea of owning a home wasn't just about bricks and mortar; it represented a sanctuary, a refuge from the storms that life had hurled my way. I knew it would be an alchemy moment to buy a home on the exact 10 year anniversary of moving to Los Angeles. 

As I stood in front of my doorway on closing day, a rush of emotions flooded over me. I realized that this accomplishment was not just a culmination of financial transactions between the seller and I; it was a reflection of my unwavering determination, immense discipline, a tribute to my dreams that refused to fade, and a spirit that can NEVER be crushed. 


1. Financial Preparedness: SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! Stop keeping up with the Joneses & save all your money. Leave the Gucci, Fendi, Prada alone and start thinking long term. Pay off your student loans and credit card debt. Let people call you cheap. Let them assume you are poor (good, they won't ask for money that way). As influencers, this is NOT a career. It is unstable & the money you are making isn’t going to be forever. Invest & save ALL your money. Also, owning a home comes with financial responsibilities beyond the initial purchase. Be ready for property taxes, insurance, and unexpected repairs. Creating a comprehensive budget will pave the way for a smoother homeownership journey.

2. Research and Inspection: Take the time to thoroughly research the neighborhood you're considering. I wanted to stay in the city, yet find a pocket that is very quiet. It took me a year to discover my now neighborhood (just 15 mins outside of Hollywood). Go to at least a 100 open houses before you decide. It is a full time job! It doesn’t have to be the nicest neighborhood as long as it is upcoming. Especially if you are trying to buy in the city like I did, you are going to have to compromise. 

3. Mortgage Mastery: Looking into mortgage was such a heavy process, that I ended up deciding to do an almost cash purchase to alleviate the stress (thank God for years of saving). However, if you can’t do a cash purchase, still be thorough in your search of a lender. Don’t settle for the first mortgage offer that comes your way. Explore different lenders, understand interest rates, and choose the option that aligns best with your financial goals. 

4. Embrace Education: Real estate is a great investment. Especially in Los Angeles (the most expensive real estate in the world). Educate yourself about the responsibilities and rights that come with homeownership. I was always afraid of buying property here as well because it seems unattainable. However, with discipline & educating myself, the fear abated over time. 

Remember, there is never a good time to buy. Just a good time to buy FOR YOU. My journey from homelessness to homeownership is a tribute to the power of resilience and the strength of the human spirit.  If I can do it, so can you. It is my hope that my story resonates with you, reminding you that no matter where life starts, with determination and unwavering faith, we can ALL shape our destinies and transform dreams into reality.


Cheers to crushing more goals & more importantly to being UNCANCELABLE! 

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