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Fall Fashion Hues

This is by far one of my favorite looks to date. My Photographer Bryan killed this. I loved this outfit so much we even shot a little video for it for my IG. I love all the colors going on in this one outfit. We are finally starting to see a snippet of fall in Los Angeles and finally dark colors! Wine color and dark Olive green are my favorite two colors of the season. These two colors tied together with a nude trench coat just makes an outfit look rich and sensuous.

Simply because there is so much going on and there is absolutely no need to pile on the accessories with these luxe pieces. I even ditched my signature sunglasses for this look and in lieu tied it all together with my Strathberry bag.

So, this season, update your wardrobe with these three colors. This will certainly make a big difference in your overall look. Don’t forget you can now shop all my outfits on here. Thank you so much for reading. 




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