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Blushing For Fall

Bonjour my darlings! The brisk weather in Los Angeles these last few days has me so excited for the arrival of cooler weather and the opportunity to wear all my favorite Fall outerwear pieces. It actually rained in L.A! Fall is one of my favorite seasons because I get to play with colors and Layering! Also, I can gain a few pounds and hide it perfectly.

My first big purchase for the season is always outerwear! I find coats and jackets to be the foundation of my fall wardrobe and they have the ability to so easily complete an entire look.

Wearing pink for spring and summer makes sense but the conundrum is how do we transition this fabulous color to fall? It’s easy, JUST DO IT! What’s worked for me in transitioning this color to fall is by wearing is styling it monochromatically. When in doubt, keep it simple. A monochromatic outfit will always look sophisticated and flows effortlessly.

To give the outfit a pop of color, I tied it together with a red bag. Pink is a direct derivative of red so the colors go so well together especially if one is used as an accent piece.

I’ve linked a shopping link of this outfit below. Can’t wait for the for the cooler season ahead! Have a beautiful rest of your week.

Stay Fabulous darlings!




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