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Beyond Beauty: Trading Skincare & Fashion for Personal Finance

Transitioning from “over-consumerism” Influencer to Financial Freedom Advocate…

As I sit down in my office in my new home to share this pivotal moment with you, my heart is brimming with a plethora of emotions that words struggle to capture. I've embarked on a journey, a shift that goes beyond the surface of cosmetics and delves into the essence of survival – a transition from the glimmering world of fashion & skincare to the raw and essential landscape of personal finance. A topic well-needed in this recession. 

I have always said “frugality is freedom.”

Right now, the air is thick with the struggles of all of us - 62% of Americans are currently living paycheck-to-paycheck. Yet there is an incessant drumbeat of consumerism all over social media, especially on TikTok. It truly feels like a haunting melody, and to be an active participant in perpetuating getting people into more debt just feels very dystopian. It became increasingly clear to me that promoting the pursuit of external beauty seemed trivial in the face of a greater challenge – the pursuit of financial security. Financial literacy changed my life. I have always said “frugality is freedom.” 

Two weeks ago, Business Insider reached out to me to write an article on my journey to financial freedom. The article written by the brilliant, Laila Maidan, tells how financial literacy become the beacon of my salvation, saving me from the abyss of homelessness. I know firsthand what it's like to call a car home for eight grueling months, to feel the sting of despair that accompanies financial instability, and I vowed to myself that I’ll NEVER experience poverty again.

During those dark days, I sought solace and knowledge in the quiet corners of bookstores, where the pages of self-help and finance books became my companions. Every word was a lifeline, a roadmap out of the dire straits I found myself in. The tales of others who triumphed over adversity fueled my determination to not only rewrite my story, but to ultimately get my life on the path to success. 

Honestly, what truly transformed my life was the decision to sever ties with the negative influences in my life that held me captive. I made the conscious decision to surround myself with a tribe of individuals who not only possessed financial literacy but were also successful in their careers. After all, as they say, “show me your friends & I’ll tell you your future.” In my case, it couldn't be truer. My circle became a sanctuary of shared knowledge, encouragement, and accountability. 

I say all this to say, I extend an invitation for you to join me on this new chapter. I implore you to stay with me as we navigate the world of personal finance together. I promise you, the articles that await you will not only be informative but transformative. In a society drowning in the noise of consumerism, let us carve out a space for financial empowerment, resilience, and hope.

My journey from homelessness to homeownership is a testament to the profound impact financial literacy can have on one's life. It’ll NEVER be about how much you make, it’ll ONLY be about how you preserve what you make. Through the trials, tears, and triumphs, I found my way, and so can you. Cheers to this new chapter & to being #Uncancellable

Read the article by Laila Maidan HERE

Photography by @visualsbychristina 

With gratitude, 

Stay Fabulous. 


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