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ARCONA Los Angeles on Aging and Facial Contouring

Because skincare and self-care go hand in hand.

"It's always skincare first, makeup second."

Hello, Darlings! It’s your favorite #skinfluencer. Contouring facials are all the buzz on social media. To be honest, I had no idea what it meant or what it did. So, I decided to ask an expert so we can learn together. In my quest to stop wearing makeup as much and focus on my skincare, facial contouring seems to be up to my alley. Can you believe I’ve gone two months without wearing foundation? Remember skincare first, makeup second! I am writing this blog post in the form of an interview because I had a million and one questions for my aesthetician, the lovely Chanel of Arcona Los Angeles! Arcona is an organic beauty brand with a spa here in Beverly Hills.

Arcona products are created without petrochemicals, parabens, binders or fillers, sodium lauryl sulfates, perfumes or dyes which means their products are completely pure and natural. Using cold-processing methods to keep active ingredients active allows Arcona products to be highly effective at anti-aging. So, I was excited to see how my skin reacts to their products. Let’s get started: 

What is ARCONA Signature Facial Contouring?

Facial Contouring is a deep massage of the face and neck. It includes manual lymphatic drainage and accupressure. It helps to lift and tone the face, relieving the appearance of puffiness, and helps exercise the muscles of face similar to when we exercise the body-- for a more tone appearance. It feels incredible, too.

Chanel of ARCONA

So you mean I can literally massage my way to a more defined facial structure?

Yes, it really helps with a more defined and pronounced facial structure. It makes a wonderful difference in the skin and face. 

Why is draining the lymphatic system on our faces important?

It can help with puffiness and provide a less bloated appearance of the face. It can improve conditions such as acne, rosacea and premature aging because it improves overall circulation, which then helps the skin heal and turn over faster. It feels amazing and is very relaxing.

Double Chin. This has been my main concern. Is this reversible? Every person and their results will vary, but people have shared they notice a wonderful improvement in the appearance of a double chin. Facial contouring,  manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), and micro-current can really help.

To do this from home, a gentle facial massage in an upward and outward motion with a facial oil is definitely helpful.

Is there a DIY option of this?

At home facial massage can help with the overall appearance of the skin and circulation, but the ARCONA Signature Facial Contouring is a very involved and precise treatment that needs to performed by an esthetician to achieve great results. Gentle facial massage in an upward and outward motions  with a facial oil is definitely helpful.

Are there any adverse effects or risks to facial contouring? Those with active acne, rosacea and compromised skin should avoid this treatment. 

"Your skincare routine should be something you take pleasure in, and taking the time to focus on yourself gives your mind, body, and beauty great benefits."

Remember, skincare is also self-care! Your skincare routine should be something you take pleasure in, and taking the time to focus on yourself gives your mind, body, and beauty great benefits. An effective and efficient skin care routine like this one from Arcona is a therapeutic process that will help you not only feel your best but ultimately slows down aging. 

Thank you Arcona Los Angeles for partnering with Specsandblazers on this article. Have a great weekend everyone!


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