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An Open Letter To Myself on my Birthday!

Today is my birthday!! In the spirits of stepping into each new chapter of my life with intentions, I decided to write an open letter to myself. A letter I can refer to every now and again when things get tough as they usually do because well, life! This was made easy because I got to partner with my dream brand, Asos. Landing this campaign was the best gift I could have given myself. 

      In college, I would save every penny I have just to buy a dress from Asos's website at least once a month. My body, soul, and spirit are in perfect harmony for the first time in a long time, that writing this article was a must. Let’s get right into it! 

Dear vulnerable Niké, 

                I call you vulnerable because I know, that is a word you’ll never call yourself. Instead, you’ll say “tough” “resilient” and of course “stubborn” but we all know the tougher the exterior, the more sensitive the soul is. So, today, we are going to write an article from your soul. 

          You did it! You’ve officially had the best year of your life and I’m incredibly proud of you. You’ve been through so much pain in your three decades of life. Some self-inflicted and others, life just decided to slap you across the head.  Through it all, you’ve managed to remain sturdy in your faith and the power greater than you. 

Life is not a straight line, there are ups and downs. A series of twists and turns, ebbs and flows, with both smooth-sailing and rough seas. Thank you for not giving up on yourself. For continuously betting on yourself through each difficulty life has brought you. This is the best chapter of your life, savor each moment. 

As you are writing this article, you are smiling because you are aware that you’ve come VERY far from the strange kid people use to call lovingly  “Nik-Nik. The kid who has sat alone with head buried in books for the majority of her life. The one who has never felt like she belonged. Even if you thought, you were ALWAYS fabulous, the world always reminded you that you didn’t belong. Eventually, you stopped trying because you’d realized ONLY in solitude could you have birthed this beautiful life you have created for yourself. You’ve made your parents proud. You worry them so much, you know? I am so proud of you for facing the difficult task of forgiving your parents and committing to the journey of letting them back in your heart. Knowing that they did the best they could because when you know better, you do better. You did the work and it was worth it. 

I hope you come back and re-read this letter 3 years from now, and update me and the rest of the #SBfamily on how you are doing. I truly hope that by that time, you have found your happiness and that you have followed a path that you are proud of. Keep using that fire in you to push you forward. But more importantly, to lift up young girls who look like you everyday. I am rooting for you! 

As I step into the next year of my life, I pray and hope to continue practicing discernment in all aspects of my life. I also want to take with me into this next year, strength to continue to live life as passionately as I could with faith and fearlessness. 

Outfit sponsored by ASOS! Use (Specsblazers30) code to get 30% off fashion and 20% off Face + Body!!!! Enjoy!

Thank you, Asos for partnering with Specsandblazers on this article. Thank you ,God for gifting me another year of life. Till we meet again. Happy Birthday to me and have a happy holidays, SB! 

A suprise tribute from the photographer:

Happy Birthday! It has been an honor to work with a hardworking individual such as yourself, and I thank God for all the lessons you have taught me. You are truly a role model for me and so many other women, and you have taught me to give 110% in all areas of my life. In 2019 you were fierce, strong, and unapologetically yourself. I can't wait for 2020, it's going to be your best year yet!

Love, Tuna (aka Christina)


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