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Accessory for Summer: Oversized hats!

The bigger the better…

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to SB! Today, we are discussing sun hats. Not just any sun hats, OVERSIZED ones. Ridiculously oversized sun hats.

They were popular last summer and they seem to be making their way back for summer 2020 as well. Oversized sun hats are so fun, unique, and audacious. Not only does it serve as an umbrella, but it also makes every outfit super chic. Straw hats have been around since the 15th century and continue to transcends time and glamour over and over again. 

Jacquemus' version has become the staple amongst celebrities and influencers. We saw it on Kylie Jenner, Emily Ratajowski, Bella Hadid and so on. 

I actually purchased mine from forever 21 for $21.99. A whole $400 cheaper than the Jacquemus one. This outfit is perfect for a girl boss who has plans after work. Is this hat functional? Absolutely not, but are you going to look iconic? YESSSSSS! 

So, grab a giant straw hat and be the talk of the town this summer. Just try not to KO everyone you walk past. I hope you enjoy these photos and this article.  More importantly, I hope it brings you some joy during these uncertain times.  Happy spring and please be safe out there!  As always, thank you so much for reading! 



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