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7 Steps to Turn a Blog into a Six-Figure Business

"You don’t have to be pretty, you don’t have to be smart, you don’t have to have a single talent. You just have to simply outwork everyone."

1. Start… Actually, Start

Start small but please START. The first step is to create and buy a domain. Find a catchy name and buy your own .com! When I was hesitant to go full time, I knew it was because I was terrified because I  have the whole “house” in my head. I knew I had to start with one brick and then another and then another. I stopped thinking about the house but instead what I need to achieve today and today ONLY. You can think through all the contingencies and the “what-ifs”, but starting off is going to be anxiety-provoking. At some point, you just have to accept that you will be anxious. Eventually the anxiety will go away, as you adjust. Starting is the best way to get over the fear of starting! Just Do It! Start! 

2. Be Consistent

My Mother always told me... “Niké, you don’t have to be pretty, you don’t have to be smart, heck, you don’t have to have a single talent. You just have to simply outwork everyone”. You have to be disciplined and be consistent. For example, I publish a blog post every Friday at 11 am. I was in the hospital for malaria for 3 weeks. I was undergoing a blood transfusion and wasn’t sure if I was going to survive it but heck, I pushed out a blog post EVERY Friday. I am dedicated to SB and I’ve disciplined myself enough to keep myself consistent no matter what. Your followers should feel like they can count on you. Influencers are essentially like a TV show. Think about how bummed you are when your favorite TV show skips a week or two. Don’t allow your followers to feel like that. I understand that the beginning stages are quite difficult, as I like to call them “growing pains”. However, the reality is, you sometimes have to put in the time before you reap the reward. You have to put your head down and put in the work, while having faith that it will pay off one day. Also, what no one told me is that you have to be willing to work for free. I didn’t make a penny my first 3 years blogging. Not a SINGLE PENNY. Yet, I posted consistently. Be DISCIPLINED! 

3. Build an email list of dedicated subscribers

I know building an email list might be considered archaic. But emails are one of the most important ways to build your revenue as a blogger. It’s the most direct way to communicate with your followers. I hate to say it, but the fastest way to grow loyal subscribers is to develop an Opt-In incentive. Here’s an undeniable fact: Online users are mostly interested in the value they can get from you as a brand. Give your readers something they can’t turn down or unsubscribe from! I do a giveaway for my subscribers {SB FAMILY} every now and again. That way, they know I appreciate their loyalty to SB. At the end of the day, people love free things. Another way I discovered recently is if you have a $100-$200 you're willing to put into a test, you could try Facebook lead generation cards - it's a specific ad type that allows you to collect emails directly in a Facebook ad. It easily collects emails of people in the vicinity of your IG/Facebook account that way you don’t have to do it yourself. It’s worked very well for me. 

4. Find Your Niche

- This by far the most important for me personally! Finding your niche is certainly a central aspect of a bunch of different kinds of online businesses but especially a business like ours, that's seemingly oversaturated. I don’t care what anyone says, there is PLENTY room left in the blogging world. The most important question to ask yourself? “WHAT AM I ABOUT”? Because this is the question your followers and brands are going to ask when they visit your blog or Instagram page. When someone visits your site, you want them to instantly recognize what you’re all about. If your readers are unable to follow a clear theme with structured blog content, they will feel confused and leave your site within seconds of arriving. The fastest way to find your niche is to figure out what you are MOST passionate about and become obsessed with it. I am a naturally passionate person. Therefore, when I got into skincare, I became so addicted, I wanted to know EVERYTHING about it. I studied it, I breathe it and I shared all my experiences with my followers. Before, you know it, brands were reaching out asking me to do campaigns for them. FIND YOUR NICHE and STICK TO IT! 

5. Be A Fearless Networker

Networking is probably 50% of the success in the blogging business. I cannot stress enough how imperative networking is. You cannot be afraid to walk up to anyone and pitch yourself on the spot. Nothing can ever top word-of-mouth. Networking allows you to meet the right people and these people feel obliged to help you if you were introduced to them by someone they trust and respect. Sometimes, I just get up, get dressed and sit at a nice jazz bar or a networking event just to approach people. Networking is the key. You have to know people who know people. How to be a fearless networker? Put yourself out there, be generous (buy people drinks and food). BE A FEARLESS NETWORKER! 

6. Become a Brand Ambassador

When you’ve completed the last 5 steps. The next step is to become a BRAND AMBASSADOR! Becoming a brand ambassador is the most viable way for influencers to make money in 2019! The goal is to get your favorite brands to have you on a retainer. After working with a brand couple times and the relationship feels organic and effortless, I pitch a contract deal to them. I typically offer 6 months to a year partnership. I ask for half of the payment in the beginning and the rest after the contract is over. Make sure the brands you represent have the same ethos as yours. More importantly, make sure it’s a brand you are genuinely passionate about. For example, I have been a loyal customer of Sephora for years. Therefore, becoming a brand ambassador of theirs was a no-brainer. When they reached out to me last year to do a single campaign for them, I took that opportunity to pitch them a contract. I asked for a 6 months contract. After much negotiations and back and forth, we came to a mutual price and it was till date, the best collaboration I’ve ever experienced.


That's it! Don’t.  

With the steps above, it’s only a matter of time before you are a full-time blogger! Just remember that none of these strategies are designed to provide overnight results, so be patient, focus on one thing at a time, and learn to use results — positive or negative — as stepping stones towards your business growth. I believe in you all and I pray you always believe in yourselves. Let’s finish this year strong!

Stay Fabulous. Xx 


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