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7 L.A. Black-Owned businesses You Can Support Right now

In honor of #blackbusinessmonth with Lexus…

August is #BlackBusinessMonth! It’s no secret that black businesses contribute to the vibrancy and strength of communities all around this country. We NEED to uplift Black businesses by investing and supporting local businesses right here in Los Angeles, this month and every month after. Today, we are highlighting SB’s 7 favorite black-owned businesses in Los Angeles:

"We NEED to uplift Black businesses by investing and supporting local businesses right here in Los Angeles, this month and every month after."

Based right here in Hollywood, the best kept secret in LA! Owned by the beautiful couple, Heather Knox and Joshua Oliveros, this lovely, retro-themed coffee shop in Thai Town area is the perfect place to get your daily dose of caffeine, a unique version of thai tea, and their signature “golden milk cappuccino,” made with turmeric, milk, honey, and coconut sugar. Beautiful interior and impeccable customer service.

Mrs. Veronica is home away from home. I’ve been coming here to her location in Inglewood since I moved to Los Angeles.Her food is as warm as her embrace. This is the most authentic Nigerian food you can find in LA, with a down to earth vibe. I can't say enough good things about Veronica's Kitchen.

The obsession I have for Agnes Baddoo bags! This is the place for bags in every shape, size and textile. A gift that will go a long way for anyone in your life, because they are made unisex Each bag is beautifully handcrafted, Not only are they stylish, they are also perfectly fits all your daily necessities.

This is an Instagram favorite! For obvious reasons! If you’re looking for the best place to authentic southern food in Los Angeles, make sure to visit BlaqHaus in North Hollywood. Personally, I prefer their brunch menu. However, they have a fantastic dinner menu as well. They even have hookah! As the kids would say “it’s a vibe!”

This quaint grocery store founded by LaRayia Gatson is a vegan gem in the Westlake neighborhood. Albeit, I am not vegan myself….This is my go-to spot for healthy eating, and other natural items. There is an ethereal energy you feel as soon as you walk in. I can’t describe it, it's something you MUST experience yourself. What a gem!

This is my go-to spot before any huge event in my life. Owned by a Dominican sister, an oasis in the heart of DTLA! This is a luxury spa, yet affordable. This is such an elevated spa experience, that always leaves me mentally, spiritually relaxed. READY, SET, GO AND GET YOUR BLISS, SIS!

No black-owned business can be complete without adding a hairdresser. As we all know, hair means a lot to the black culture. Danni, is a mobile hair stylist who services the Los Angeles area. I always look forward to my time in her chair (it always feels like a therapy session). A young, ambitious true creative with a beautiful and genuine spirit. Find her on IG: @Slayedbydannni

Hope you enjoy this list and feel free to let me know if you try any! Thank you so much for reading! As always, stay fabulous.


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