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5 Ways to Wear a Floral Midi Dress

Hello! Happy Tuesday. Let’s get right into it. At first glance, the midi-dress might seem like a challenging length. After all, it’s the same length as my favorite Catholic uniform. However, there is definitely a way to wear it without looking dowdy. If done right midi dress is perfect because of a very simple reason: they hit your leg at the skinniest part of your ankle, thus, giving you an extra visual boost in height. So, I came up with 5 good reasons you should own a midi dress.

1. Find the right fit First of all, find the right fit! Not all midi dresses are created equal. I encourage you to play around with various lengths to fit your own body proportions. I always choose a full midi dress to keep it playful yet sophisticated. Knowing the fit that is best for you is essential to looking and feeling your greatest. There’s no doubt that each woman is beautiful and unique in her own way regardless of what shape or size she is.

2. WEAR A STATEMENT SHOE Considering the midi dress’s length, the right shoe can make your outfit. I recommend sporting a heel (sorry, no flats allowed) because you need as much height as possible. The one here is from Zara.

3. Balance the look There are so many beautiful ways to bring balance to a midi dress. Color, texture, shape, volume, etc. Adding a waist-cinching belt  would give you a sexy silhouette. Adding a pop of lipstick will leave your look much more sexy yet polished.

4. Keep it feminine A midi dress is instantly feminine, so don’t shy away from playing it up even more with other feminine aspects. Dainty jewelry, heels, or a bold lip color will keep your look fun and girly. For an added bonus go for a fun print like florals!

5. Off The Shoulder Generally, these are best for the well-endowed as it enhances flattering yet elegant effect around bust area. For pear shape or those with narrow shoulders, off-shoulders are can give shoulders a broader look. Off the shoulder is super flattering for the summer.

The elegance and femininity of midi dresses will keep them in the spotlight for a long time to come. Midi dresses have been a part of fashion’s history for many decades. They’re classic and effortless, making them the perfect addition to your wardrobe.


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