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5 Steps to Achieving Dewy Spring Skin


Hello SB! Summer is around the corner, which means it is time to refresh our skin after this harsh winter. Let’s get right into it. Here are the best tips for getting that summer glow we all want, before the season begins. Because let's be real.. DEWY>MATTE! 

1. Prep Your Skin the Night Before:

I believe 'dewy skin' is 90% skincare!! Focus on really hydrating the skin and exfoliating in a way that works for you as often as your skin likes. The two overnight creams I use that allows me to wake up glowing from the gods are; Tatcha’s Dewy Skin Cream: Oh, Holy Grail! I am obsessed with that cream. Also, True Botanicals Overnight Mask.  This mask makes my face wake up softer, plumper and certainly more hydrated. A cheap dupe of this is Aloe Vera.

2. Foundation: 

The type of foundation we use is also very important. I LOVE the NARS Radiant Long-wear foundation! I find it looks natural but covers everything I want it to, and it lasts really well on me throughout the day. Apply foundation sparsely where needed and blend A LOT. Blending is what creates that “I am not wearing a single foundation” look. Then, Spot conceal. Minimal powdering to avoid cake (such a breath of fresh air after these decades obsession with baking). PLEASE DON’T BAKE! 

3. Skin Mists:

FACE MISTS! The purpose of a face mist is for a short but instant boost of hydration. I use a mist before applying foundation. I mist, wait until its fairly absorbed (if it's too wet then it will just mix with the next product instead of just helping it spread if it's too dry there was no point misting) and then apply foundation. You can even spray it directly on your beauty blender. I LOVE the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. The ingredients are phenomenal and it hydrates/plumps the skin so nicely. It is also good for spraying after makeup to melt everything into the skin/remove the powdery look if you do decide to bake and cake. I've purchased and re-purchased this one, I love it.

4. Highlighters:

Highlighters are the golden touch to have that super dewy look. I absolutely love Becca shimmering pressed powder. It is much more of golden sheen - more of an enhancement of natural skin tone. IT IS AMAZING! It gives the perfect amount of sheen to your face. I have oily skin, so I’m not too big on highlighters. But this one is so good, definitely, a must have for everyone. A little bit goes a LONG way.

5. Drink More Water:

Please Stay Hydrated. We have to start from within, making sure to hydrate as much as possible. Drink LOTS of water. I need to take my own advice because I am the absolute worst at this. I know drinking water doesn’t have instant skin-changing results like throwing on a moisturizer but it’s important for maintaining a good, healthy glow that looks bright and dewy. Within 3 days of drinking a gallon of water a day, I can see a huge difference on my face. Drinking water is the key.

In summary, Blot! Blot! Blot! You are going to need to carry blotting papers with you. Blotting paper will control the shine but won’t eliminate the glow. Also, don’t forget your sunscreen! Let’s get these summer rooftop parties going! Stay Fabulous, SB!


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