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5 Hair, Skin, and Nail Vitamins That Actually Work!

Ok! There is a huge debate in the beauty industry about whether beauty vitamins actually work or if they are a simple placebo effect. However, I’ve recently turned into a supplement junkie and I have tried quite a few products and I promise you, they do work! Let's get started.

Beauty vitamins kickstart your skin’s radiance and help keep the scalp healthy.

Beauty vitamins are helpful in kickstarting your skin’s radiance. They also help with the overall health of your hair because they keep your scalp healthy! We all know that hair grows slower and not as shiny and voluminous when your scalp is dry or in and overall bad shape. Not to mention, longer and stronger nails. So, let’s get into it. Here are five Hair, skin, nail vitamins that actually work. You can simply click on the products to purchase them.

Hum Hair Gummies

This is a vegan supplement with antioxidants and vitamin E to support glowing skin and shiny hair. It took about a week for me to start seeing results with this supplement. However, this product delivers! My skin actually became clearer and brighter. Looking forward to trying more of the Hum line. Also, I had one bad weave job once and my edges completely fell out. Well, guess what? My baby hair grew back after a month of using HUM! I will be purchasing these again for sure.

BE Biotin Capsules

I purchased BE Biotin after a recommendation from a friend and I am so glad I did! Just remember that this supplement will only affect the new hair that hasn't grown yet, so don't expect it to do anything for the hair you already have. It truly simply helps you maintain the hair you have on your head and prevent them from falling. This products makes all the difference in keeping your hair from shedding. It’s my secret weapon! I like the feeling of not seeing hair in tub after washing my hair.

Hush and Hush

This anti-aging supplement was created by the same couple who created Image skincare. To know me is to know this is one of my favorite brand of skincare. The supplements are fabulous for protecting you from the harmful effects of sun and environmental pollution. The formula works from the inside out, reverses the signs of aging and environmental damage whilst protecting against future damage.

Hair La Vie

This particular supplement is strictly for hair. I started taking Hair La vie about 6 weeks ago and it has helped me grow thicker, more voluminous gorgeous hair and brought back shine to my hair. My hair is now lively, healthy and shiny again! It certainly didn’t disappoint. Let’s just say my shower drain is my witness. What I especially love about this supplement is that the company has a great return policy if you don’t like their supplements, you have 90 days to simply return them for your money back.

Vital Proteins Beauty Boost

This supplement is for all of us who don’t have the stomach to swallow pills first thing in the morning (or ever). This is your go to because you simply add this collagen powder to your morning smoothies. It was on sale at Sephora and I was intrigued and purchased it myself. Since then, I swear by it. It has helped me to keep my skin looking fresh and healthy. Overall, I feel better because I’ve been using numerous Vital Products in my daily routine.

There you have it! The five vitamins that help with stronger nails, shinier hair and beautiful skin. Remember, vitamins aren’t something that's going to show results after just a month, it's continual usage for the immediate future. Thank you so much for reading and have yourself a fabulous weekend.


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