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4 Fitness Habits that Changed my Life

Oh Lord! I cannot believe I am writing an article about working out. There must be an apocalypse or I’ve ended up on an episode of black mirror. Truth: I hate working out with a passion. When my alarm goes off in the morning to work out, I begrudgingly get in my car and cry all the way to the gym with a detour to get a croissant. However, I am 30 and honey, the metabolism has officially slowed all the way down. All I have to do is smell food and I gain 5 pounds. #Factsonly. So, how have I turned working out into something habitual not only for aesthetics but for my health? My physical, mental and emotional health. As much as I detest admitting it, every time I work out I truly feel good. The truth is exercise really helps in releasing endorphins. And when I started eating in such a way as to support my fitness, I felt another level of improved energy. So, let’s get right into it.

1. Commitment

What I’ve realized is that It’s all about getting into the habit and routine of it. Once it is part of your life, if you’re committed to it, it’ll be second nature. Like everything else in life, it’s not about perfect, it’s about effort every time, that’s where the transformation happens, that’s how change occur. I personally have noticed committing 3 days a week at the same time each day works best for me. I am a creature of habit and do better when it’s part of my schedule. Make it a habit and before long it will be something you look forward to!

2. Go to a public gym/Class

We’ve all heard the saying iron sharpens iron. Going to a class with an instructor is very helpful for me. No one wants to be the loser who is slacking in class. Personally, I like standing/sitting next to the craziest person in my class that way I want to play catch up. The more you see it and the more you see people who are physically fit, the more you’ll get the urge to become that. Also, getting a Workout Buddy is so helpful. Find someone from your friend group who also wants to work on their fitness and commit to physical improvement with you. This way you are letting someone else down if you slack off, so you are less likely to give up.

3. Focus on Quantitative goals.

I think the biggest reasons why some people can’t maintain a consistent gym schedule is they have no real plan and don’t log their work so they make no real progress. If you don’t see progress, it’s hard to stay motivated. I use a fitness app to track my fitness and each time I add more weights or push myself harder on the treadmill. When you get stronger you KNOW you got stronger because you did something you’ve never done before. Hope that makes sense. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. This will show you what you’ve accomplished and how much closer to your goals you’re getting and can be highly motivating.

4. You do you!

Last but not least, do what’s best for you. Life in general is a marathon not a sprint. The only other bit of advice is from Terry Crews – just get into a routine of “going to the gym” It’s the first battle. Even if you don’t do anything, or go for a swim, or a steam, or a mega workout, just try and get there. Once you’re there your mentality will be different, and on the lazy days you’ll still accomplish more than most!

Stay Fabulous!


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