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Hello guys,

Today is my birthday!!!!!! As I write, my body and my soul is now finishing its 27th year of life. I am filled with utmost gratitude. I actually celebrated my birthday over the weekend. I was invited to an opera show and it was one of the most amazing experience of my life. This year has been the best year any girl can ask for. I’ve been incredibly blessed for the opportunities that have come my way this year. There has been so many notable things that has happened to me this year that I wake up every morning pinching myself and making sure it’s all real. Since I started working for myself full time, I’ve had more time on my hands. So, I started volunteering at a battered women’s shelter in my neighborhood. I work with the children that live there through an after school program. It has been the most amazing experience. The children show up every single day with a magnanimous smile. Working with these children (all products of an abuse home) has made me realize that my problems are minuscule in the grand scheme of things. So, I’ve decided to spend my birthday at the shelter. I’m gathering all my friends and we are donating toys to the children. We are bringing cupcakes and capriSUNS! I love you all so much and I’m very thankful for your continuous support.

With a happy heart, Nike Photography: Nicolas Bates of

When it’s all said and done, it doesn’t matter how much money you made or how many cars you have. What matters is how many lives you have made better, by just being in it.

- Jesse Golden


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