It’s not who you’re wearing, it’s how you wear it. I’m a strong believer in acting your wage. My lovely father, (the most brilliant man that I know) always say to me “cut your coat according to your cloth.” I’m proud that I shop cheaply and I thrift because I am saving for something greater than me. A legacy. A future. I believe that discipline is choosing between what you want and what you need and learning that there is a greater joy in meticulously creating the life you desire. One day I’ll be able to buy louboutins and YSLs until then I can make it work with the little that I have and still make it look fabulous. I am wearing American Apparel off the shoulder crop top. Eden Sky’s skirt and Forever 21 Suede shoes. My lovely friend temi braided my hair (If you are in Los Angeles hit her up).


Photography by  Dan Boissy

“Beach is Better”

Hey loves! I spent a whole day in Venice.. These are some of the pictures captured by the Lovely Sabrina, Im wearing American Apparel top and bottom briefs and a H&M fedora.




Hey guys! This is such a quick late post on an outfit I wore couple weeks back. I’m a sucker for matching sets and colors.. I also have a new obsession with Jacaranda tress, they are everywhere in LA! Hope you guys are enjoying the WORLD CUP as much as I am. I am glued to ESPN, its so exciting.. Go, NIGERIA, GO!!!!!! (Hey, I can always hope)… 


Photography by Sabrina of (She is one of the best photographers I’ve had the pleasure of working with so far).