4 Eye Creams That Actually Work

THIS POST IS NOT SPONSORED – Hi Everyone! Today, we are talking about eye creams and eye serums. Today, I am sharing my favorite ones with you. The ones that I truly enjoy and has stood the test of time. I personally love putting on my eye creams in the morning and at night because that is where you’ll see the most aging. Fun fact – there are no oil glands under your eyes, so that whole area has no way of moisturizing itself, so as you get older you are going to notice more dryness in that area. These are the products I can guarantee tackles fine lines, sagging, puffiness and dark circles. They obviously won’t completely eliminate aging but would alleviate tremendously. The truth is the skin around the eyes is 10 times thinner than the skin on your face and ages 36 percent faster than the rest of your skin (insanity!). So, let’s dive right in. I purchased all my products at COS BAR here in los Angeles. You can check out their site: https://www.cosbar.com/

1. CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE Intensive Eye Contour Cream $255.00

If you have the extra money to spend, this albeit VERY EXPENSIVE luxury eye cream is the ultimate experience in age defiance for eyes. This luxurious multi-benefit eye cream dramatically transforms visible sagging, loss of firmness, dark circles, dullness and wrinkles while delivering powerful moisture for phenomenal youthful resilience. Developed with a specially designed beauty massage tool coated in pure platinum that helps increase surface circulation during massage and improve overall tone for more well-defined eye area contours. This alcohol-free formula has a rich, ultra creamy texture that melts into skin.

2. Biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel! $54.00

I die for everything Biossance. Their peptide Eye gel is my favorite and I am obsessed. This product is the true meaning of goodbye bags, puffiness and dirk circles. If you want a non toxic luxury feel product without breaking the bank, go for biossance eye gel.  This little guy has a lot of of natural plant based derivatives in it which helps with the rejuvenation of cells around the eye area and of course the squalane which helps you retain moisture. The consistency of this product is amazing. It is super light and so a little goes a long way.

3. LA MER: The Lifting Eye Serum! $245.00

If you hate the feeling of a cream around your eyes, opt for something lighter like a serum. This is my go-to product to reduce dark circles. When using this product, I focus on my pressure points. This detoxifying formula contains red hibiscus that draws toxins out of the area surrounding your eyes, leaving you looking like you actually slept eight hours last night. The double sided wand that comes with it is perfect to wake up your eyes in the morning which helps with the puffiness. One drop of the product goes a long way. Now I can’t promise this actually lifts your eyebrows but it definitely does reduce puffiness and gives your eye area extra hydration. 

4.BIOEFFECT EGF Eye Serum ! $90.00

This is the product everyone is talking about from Vogue to In-style. It’s an Icelandic brand that actually does what it promises. It contains EGF which is a miracle worker for saggy skin. I’ve seen women use it after having a baby on their belly to firm the saggy skin of child birth (youtube it). It’s truly a miracle worker. So, what is EGF you ask? Epidermal growth factor. It is developed to speed wound recovery. This component boosts collagen and elastin.  I love this brand because there is not a single ingredient in here that could even remotely irritate your eyes because it is hypo-allergenic. My favorite thing about this product is that you don’t have to see or touch the actual product. You simply just dispense and use the cooling rolling ball and massage into the skin. This product is my go to for hydration under the eyes. This product is ideal for ages 30 and up. 

Prevention is better than cure, it’s never too early or too late to start on eye creams. Thank you COS BAR for partnering with me on this post. You can shop all the products on their site or I’ve linked these products for you. Shop below. Stay Fabulous!



Oh Lord! I cannot believe I am writing an article about working out. There must be an apocalypse or I’ve ended up on an episode of black mirror. Truth: I hate working out with a passion.  When my alarm goes off in the morning to work out, I begrudgingly get in my car and cry all the way to the gym with a detour to get a croissant. However, I am 30 and honey, the metabolism has officially slowed all the way down. All I have to do is smell food and I gain 5 pounds. #Factsonly. So, how have I turned working out into something habitual not only for aesthetics but for my health? My physical, mental and emotional health. As much as I detest admitting it, every time I work out I truly feel good. The truth is exercise really helps in releasing endorphins. And when I started eating in such a way as to support my fitness, I felt another level of improved energy. So, let’s get right into it.

  1. Commitment

What I’ve realized is that It’s all about getting into the habit and routine of it. Once it is part of your life, if you’re committed to it, it’ll be second nature. Like everything else in life, it’s not about perfect, it’s about effort every time, that’s where the transformation happens, that’s how change occur. I personally have noticed committing 3 days a week at the same time each day works best for me. I am a creature of habit and do better when it’s part of my schedule.  Make it a habit and before long it will be something you look forward to

2. Go to a public gym/Class

We’ve all heard the saying iron sharpens iron. Going to a class with an instructor is very helpful for me. No one wants to be the loser who is slacking in class. Personally, I like standing/sitting next to the craziest person in my class that way I want to play catch up. The more you see it and the more you see people who are physically fit, the more you’ll get the urge to become that. Also, getting  a Workout Buddy is so helpful. Find someone from your friend group who also wants to work on their fitness and commit to physical improvement with you. This way you are letting someone else down if you slack off, so you are less likely to give up.

3. Focus on Quantitative goals.

I think the biggest reasons why some people can’t maintain a consistent gym schedule is they have no real plan and don’t log their work so they make no real progress. If you don’t see progress, it’s hard to stay motivated. I use a fitness app to track my fitness and each time I add more weights or push myself harder on the treadmill. When you get stronger you KNOW you got stronger because you did something you’ve never done before. Hope that makes sense. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. This will show you what you’ve accomplished and how much closer to your goals you’re getting and can be highly motivating.

4. You do you!

Last but not least, do what’s best for you. Life in general is a marathon not a sprint. The only other bit of advice is from Terry Crews – just get into a routine of “going to the gym” It’s the first battle. Even if you don’t do anything, or go for a swim, or a steam, or a mega workout, just try and get there. Once you’re there your mentality will be different, and on the lazy days you’ll still accomplish more than most!

Stay Fabulous!

Shop all your essentials for your workout below. Stay Fabulous and remember “Just Do it”.


Denim has been around since 1800s and they can never go out of style since they are the epitome of swag. Since winter is all about layering, won’t this be the best time to experiment with denim? On appearance, you may think that denim on denim on denim is an eyesore and that perhaps it should be left to catwalks and fashion magazines. But that’s where you’re wrong. Anyone can layer denim like a pro – so go pick out all the denim in your closet before I finish writing and let’s layer together.

Many of us are afraid to layer clothes for fear of looking bigger and bulkier than we actually are. However, if done right, it could actually make you slimmer. A perfectly layered look will complement your body, giving you the ultimate swag you need.

First thing is to start with a key piece and work your way to the outer layer. I chose this pencil dress which is already a statement on its own. Length and proportion is key when layering. Since the dress is a maxi dress, I chose two jackets with two different lengths. Also, It’s best to incorporate a mix of materials when styling a layered look if you don’t want to look like a stuffed turkey from last thanksgiving, choose a thinner denim jacket, as this will enable you to layer it.

Finally, add some accessories in the form of jewelry or watches. I chose a white sunglasses. Thank you so kindly for reading. I’ve linked the outfit for you below. Stay Fabulous.



Hello everyone! I am so excited to share this article with you all who are as just as blind as me. I have been wearing prescription glasses since I was 14. As a long time wearer of prescription glasses, I know all too well the pains, aesthetic and financial strain, of finding new stylish eyeglasses. When I went into business for myself and became my own boss, that also meant not having things big corporate benefits and insurance and making prescription glasses a luxury! HOWEVER, I was soon introduced to a whole new way to buy glasses…ONLINE with Coastal.

Coastal is an online eyewear storefront that offers a portfolio of handcrafted exclusive designs and beloved designer brands. They curate a boutique of styles tailored for you based on your glasses measurements and style preferences.

I reached out to work with Coastal to help me pick out some new eyeglasses.  It couldn’t come at a more perfect time, because I was in need of some new prescription glasses!

I had a hard time narrowing down all the options.  I was surprised about the amount of choices they had, and for such a reasonable price!  I finally narrowed it down to two. I wanted one for day wear and one for night wear. I’ve always find it difficult to find beautiful prescription glasses I can wear at night. I picked Kam Dhillon Hutton white tortoise glasses for my day wear and a very stylish Kam Dhillon Requiem Black with gold rims. I love the black ones especially because they are so versatile. They are also so light weight that I kept checking to make sure they were still on my face! And they are super flexible!

If you want a company with a creative and innovative way to finding prescription glasses, here is a discount code only for SB readers. Use Code: “SPECSANDBLAZERS” for a buy one get one free (*some exclusions apply) on their site: Coastal 

Now you are ready to start shopping! Enjoy 🙂 Thanks for reading. Stay Fabulous!

3 Ways to Tackle Oily Skin for Good!

This post is for all of you who suffers from oily skin like myself. You could literally fry plantains on my skin. Albeit, the benefits of oily skin far outweighs the disadvantages. So, what causes oily skin? Oily skin can be caused by genetics, dietary choices, too much stress or hormone changes in the body due to puberty. Unfortunately, women also are more prone to oily skin during menstrual cycles, pregnancy, or while taking birth control pills. So, how do we banish oily skin for good? Here are 3 ways! THIS POST IS NOT SPONSORED.

  1. Try Home remedies! I just found out that cucumbers literally can single-handedly cure oily skin. Cucumbers are very beneficial for oily skin due to their cooling, astringent, and soothing properties. Also, the high vitamin and mineral content, including vitamins A and E, magnesium, and potassium, are good for oily skin. Cut a fresh organic cucumber into thick slices, and rub them thoroughly on your face. Leave it on overnight and rinse with warm water in the morning. Do this daily before going to bed. Alternatively, mix one-half teaspoon each of cucumber juice and lime juice. Apply this mixture to your skin, let it dry, and then wash it off with warm water. If all else fails, try cucumber masks. I am obsessed with purlisse face masks. I have one on in this picture and I also linked them below. 

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! One of the biggest mistakes oily-skinned people make is skipping moisturizer. We think since we are already oily we shouldn’t add more oil. WRONG! As a matter of fact, it’s the opposite. You are oily because you don’t have enough hydration. ”Moisturizing is important to keep the skin’s barrier intact,” explains Dr. Waldorf. This key outer layer of skin is in charge of blocking out external irritants (like bacteria or UV rays) and keeping important moisture inside. This biossance squalane oil is one of my favorite oils. It’s A weightless, multi-tasking oil that instantly hydrates while locking in essential moisture. I love that it comes in travel size as well. I also love the Insta-Natural oils. Oils like these ones help preserve and maintain essential moisture. 

3. Choose your makeup wisely. When it comes to your skin, avoid pore-clogging foundations that feel heavy. Look for lighter textures and keywords like oil-control or mattifying. And if there’s only a little you want to cover up, choose powder over foundation. This bare minerals foundation with SPF is simply amazing. The creamy liquid contains bamboo stem extract for a naturally matte, soft-focus finish and won’t clog your pores. Remember to please remove your makeup before bed no matter how tired you are. Even if you just use a simple makeup remover. I made this mistake so much in my 20s. NEVER EVER go to bed with makeup on your face. 

I hope this helps. Feel free to carry a blotting paper with you everywhere and not be afraid to whip it out!!! Stay fabulous, loves.


3 Signs It’s Time to Break Up With a Friend and How

Breaking up is hard especially when it comes to a close friend. I am writing this article simply because we never talk about friendship breakups. Let me tell you that they do happen, it’s part of growing up and sometimes they are just as painful as a relationship breakup. I’m so incredibly lucky that both my best friends are still in my life through the trials and tribulations. My best friend Yonni and I have had couple breakups but my God, we both know that we are meant to be friends for a lifetime. However, there are some friendships that just aren’t meant to stand the test of time. The truth is, not all friendships last forever, and breaking one off can be incredibly awkward and uncomfortable especially the older we get. So, how do you identify and know when it’s time for a friendship breakup, let’s get right into it. 

  1. Ask yourself one question only! Are you ever doubting if they are ever happy for you. A truly good friend will always mirror your excitement when you get a good news. Someone who isn’t happy for you would try to poke holes in your happiness. You know the dream killers, the one who points out all the negatives when you tell them your dreams. It is an inconvenient question to ask yourself but this question would save you from a lot of toxic people. Our unconscious brain can smell and pick up on people’s energy. Everything has a frequency. Pay attention to people’s energy and be able to discern it.  Emotional safety is paramount. 

2. You are growing apart. I lost a few friends this year simply because I knew I had to outgrow a lot of people. When you are hungry for success and you are determined to climb that ladder, jealousy tends to come into play. The one thing I’ll hear from these friends were “You’ve changed” and my answer would always be “of course I’ve changed”. You are supposed to change. I don’t work this hard to stay in the same place I was when I was drifting through life like a vagabond. When I was friends with these people, I was by all accounts a deadbeat living on couches, no motivation but a lot of ambition, drifting from job to job, like some sad crust punk gypsy. One day, I realized that attitude is contagious. It’s why successful people want to surround themselves with other successful people. I am now an adult with goals and dreams and if you aren’t coming along this betterment journey….well, toodaloo. The truth is, their reactions really have nothing to do with you, what you’re achieving or what you’re becoming. Their reactions have everything to do with their own desperate attempts to cling to the familiar.

3. Competition. I believe in friendly competition, as a matter of fact, I thrive on it. I am a very competitive person by nature. I believe strongly that I should ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS be doing the worst out of all my friends. That way, I am always playing catch up. By nature, “friendly competition” is not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings. It is there to create motivation and to help people reach goals. However, there is a thin line and can easily turn mean or vicious. There should never be a point where a woman tells you to dim your light, so hers could shine. I’ve had friends who would beg and I mean beg me to not wear makeup or dress well, so they could “get some shine too”. It’s flabbergasting. A truly great friend will be happy for you when good things happen, or sad for you when things don’t go your way. They won’t try to one-up you or put you down, nor take satisfaction in your misfortune. I love when my friends are dressed well or doing well. I always joke with my Dad that I think I was born without the jealousy gene and therefore I am not a woman. When I see a woman dressed better than me or has more than I do, my first instinct is “How did she get to look or get that and how can I be her friend”.

Friendship breakups aren’t easy and they only get harder as we age. We learn to speak our mind less and are more set in our ways. Weigh the pros and cons of the friendships in your life constantly. If you do decide to let go of a friendship, give your self permission to mourn the friendship, talk about it with other friends but whatever you do, speak your truth but don’t bad mouth them. Try to be the bigger person. Please do not ghost a friend! Don’t do the fade away. Don’t use the excuse of being busy, no matter how tempted you are. Meet up with them or at the very least give someone a phone call on why you no longer think you are meant to be in each other’s lives. With that said, make sure you take responsibility for your actions. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In lieu, of pointing fingers at the other person, I try to write down everything I did that caused the demise of that friendship and hope to never do them again. Friendships evolve and die and resuscitate. Things change, people change. No matter what, always give yourself some grace. With love and light.


Thanks for reading. Shop the look below.



5 Essentials For Effortless French Girl Style

I am a self-profess francophile. Albeit, I’ve never been to France. I love everything about the French culture. Their skin, their care-free attitude, their je ne sais quoi but most importantly, their style. What I admire most about the French girl style is their ability to never follow trends and simultaneously exude this effortless elegance. Let’s get a little Brigitte Bardot inspiration going on. Today, I’m going to show you 5 essentials for effortless French girl style.

  1. Less is More.
    For the French women, less is more, less is effortless and less is fabulous. For example, if you are wearing dangling earrings, you most likely won’t wear any other jewelry. Also, you can’t mix materials in your jewelry, it’s either all gold or all silver. I personally prefer gold dainty or pearl studs jewelry like I wore in this outfit. 

2. The Everyday flat/kitten heels
The French women sex appeal doesn’t depend entirely on low-cut tops and high heels. Don’t get me wrong, I love high heels. The higher the heel, the closer to….. you know the rest. However, The French woman know how to make a simple ballet flat or kitten heels look like the sexiest item ever created.

3. Invest in bright red lipstick.
I’ve preached this over and over and over and I’ll continuously do. The secret to effortless style is a red lipstick. Red lipsticks are powerful. French women are known to match their red nails to their red lipstick. Consistency is key. Red lipsticks can be different shades depending on the season or your mood but they’ll never wear blue, green, yellow or black on their lips. 

4. When in Doubt, wear a hat.
As you guys know, I love a great hat. Especially with bad hair day, a great hat will dress up anything from a bathing suit to a pantsuit. A signature hat worn adds the right amount of oomph to just about anything you put on. I paired a leather beret with my metallic tweed set from ShopMoonRiver. The leather beret gives the whole outfit an edge but still classy. 

5. Structured bag.
A simple structured bag is an essential for a french look. With a structured bag, you look smart and sleek while accommodating all your essentials. By going for a structured bag like the one I have here, you’ll surely make any outfit sophisticated, polished, and chic in no time.

Overall, just remember that French women are truly good at knowing what proper fit should look and feel like. Everything should be tailored to perfection but simplistic so. Remember, there is an exception to every rule, so do follow these ones as you please. Thank you for reading. Stay Fabulous.

Shop the look below:



There is no shortage of extreme beauty trends out there and in our new “Living/wellness” segment, I am going try it all for you guys. I saw at my yoga class for “cryotherapy” which is basically stepping into a human freezer colder than anywhere in the world, I thought why not?. Cryotherapy has been said to be the key to your healthiest self.

To be honest, not much scares me but I was petrified because I detest the cold. The employees at Next Health in West Hollywood were super nice and kept me calm. I got my B12 shot first aka the beauty drip. Most women I know who get this shot on regular swears they notice a drastic change in their appearances. Their hair becomes stronger, skin is glowing and weight loss. I was very skeptical at first but to be honest, I saw an immediate change in my energy. I am still waiting for the skin and hair changes but I guess I’ll have to go back for more shots.

Then we moved on to the cyrotherapy session. It’s a 3-minute experience in a chamber. Cyrotherapy is great for pain management, it’s been said to be the secret to Lebron’s James success and if its good enough for him, then it’s good enough for me. Cyrotherapy is like a whole ice pack all over your body, it reduces wrinkles and changes your mood all at once. Guess what, you guys? it was freezing!!! I was able to stay calm for the first 2 minutes but by the 3rd minute, I was in pain. However, as soon as I stepped out, I felt good immediately.

If you are up for an adventure, visit Next Health in West Hollywood. Let me know about any crazy beauty health you want me to try out.

Holiday Gift Ideas with L’Occitane.

Hi Everyone! It’s that time of the year and in collaboration with L’Occitane, I’m bringing you my three favorite gift packages from them. If you’re wondering what you would give your mother, sister, or grandmother or even for yourself, look no further.The L’Occitane gift sets are the ideal treat for a holiday surprise. I’m so excited to share my gift picks with you.

Best Of L’Occitane gift set for only $124. (Web Exclusive) — For your Best Friend.
Of course, this one has to be gifted to your best friend because it literally has everything and I mean everything someone would love this holiday season. This deluxe set includes a combination of bestselling bath and body products with luxurious ingredients, from the shea, to the almond and the lavender foaming bath and soap.

Shea Butter Collection (My favorite) for only $155 — For your Parents.

Shea Butter simply just makes me happy. The L’Occitane Shea Butter Collection is made with sustainably-sourced shea butter from Burkina Faso. The lovely thing about this package is that it’s good for all skin types and for men and women. The shea soap is very gently and has a light, fresh scent. Also, From October 25 to December 25, L’OCCITANE will donate $4 from each Shea Butter Collection and Shea Butter Deluxe Collection purchased ($74 or more) to UNICEF. So, not only would you be gifting this package, you’ll also be doing some good this holiday season. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. Gift this one to your Mom or Dad and they’ll be so obsessed.


Lavender Collection gift set for only $74 — For yourself.
I can’t get enough of the heavenly Lavender smell from Provence. The Lavender collection gift set is the ultimate gift to yourself after a long day or week at work. Let all your anxiety and worries melt away while soaking in a bath with our amazingly scented bath products. If you’d like to send someone on a restful slumber, this all-encompassing set smells absolutely amazing and will help anyone unwind, whether after you’re feeling tense after a long day at work or you’re a new mom hoping for a good night’s sleep. Dip into a perfumed bath, lather up with a bar of soap, and keep the soothing feeling going with the included hand cream and wash, body lotion, and a perfumed sachet to make your linen closet or PJ drawer smell divine.
Treat yourself, you know you deserve it!

Hope you guys enjoy the three-holiday gifts. L’Occitane is one of the best luxury bath and body products on the market and will make an awesome Holiday gift for anyone on your shopping list. So, I recommend a visit to your local L’Occitane boutique (or online store).



5 Things You Need to Work Into Your Skin Care Routine Before You Turn 30

Hi Everyone! Today, I wanted to share five things I think everyone should add to their skin care routine before the age of 30 which is around the corner for me. For a person who was so against skin care, I am now officially obsessed. I absolutely LOVE skincare now but wished I had started sooner and have learned so much about it over the past couple of months and I’ve tried myriad of products, so, I’m excited to share some of the products I believe is worth investing in. It’s truly addicting when you start to see results of a dedicated skincare routine. Prevention is better than cure, the sooner you start with preventive skin care, the better.  PS: THIS POST IS NOT SPONSORED.  Enjoy!

1.  Eye Serum.

The fastest way to know someone’s age is their eye area and neck area. So, it’s important to pay very close attention to your under-eyes area.This product from Elizabeth Arden is God-Sent. In 10 days of using it, I can visibly see firmness and a drastic reduction in my crow’s feet and puffiness that has plagued me this whole year. My eyes area looks younger and brighter. It’ll set you back $60, but one capsule every other day is fine. Apply it straight to your under eye or even your cheekbones for the ultimate glowy look, or mix it with your foundation, moisturizers, or oils for all-over sheen.

2. Facial Mists.

Facial mists are a great way to add skincare to your face throughout the day without disrupting your makeup. I love using face mists, specially through winter when I feel the most dry to help my skin feel nice and fresh. Would recommend to any woman at any age! Herboviore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Facial Mist is so refreshing and is created with pure plant actives and features a base of coconut water which is infused with youth-boosting hibiscus flower petals and moisture-enhancing rose to tone, hydrate and soften skin. The burst of hydration leaves you with a natural glow all day.

3. Anti Wrinkle Cream.

    An Anti wrinkle cream with SPF is an absolute must. SPF is the secret to anti-aging. To be honest, I didn’t realize black people need SPF just like anyone else. Simply investing in a good anti wrinkle cream with SPF would change your life. It helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The properties in this Mila Moursi cream has dramatically improved the tone and texture of my skin. I try to apply anti wrinkle cream with SPF AM and PM.


4. Facial Oil

Face oils are so popular right now, but it’s important to use the right one for your skin type. Apply oil over daytime sunscreen and before makeup. Allow the oil to fully absorb before applying your makeup for a natural, hydrated glow. However, remember oils alone are not moisturizers (and you shouldn’t use them as such). Instead, use them in addition to your daily/nightly moisturizers. Also, remember certain oils can clog up your pores and thats why its important to be careful when picking facial oils. This one is plant based 100% natural product from Herbivore. I notice that it absorbs easily into my skin.

5. Exfoliate.

I know most of us are busy and sitting down for 45 minutes with cream on your face could be daunting. However, exfoliating has so many benefits. Truly, once I started exfoliating at least twice a week, I noticed it’s made my face smooth and silky. It has improved my skin’s texture because it involves eliminating the old skin cells on top which in turn combat signs of aging. I try to exfoliate at least twice a week as I showed you all in my Youtube video that you can watch on my channel. I love this one from Meaningful beauty simply because I already use most of their products. This advanced exfoliant is a must have.

I’m by no means an expert in skin care and I’m still working on building up my own personal ideal skincare routine, but hopefully this helps. The key to youthful-looking skin is hydration, so drink lots of water. Remember, the earlier you begin establishing habits, the easier it is to instill them. So get working on your skin, and say hello to more youthful and radiant skin come your 30th birthday and beyond. I’ve linked all the products down here and you can shop them directly below. 

With love,