My Trip To Cuba

Cuba!!!!! What an experience. I wish I can describe this trip as good or bad but that’ll simply be impossible. I stayed in Havana, Cuba in an AirbnB. I would say it was the most gratifying yet exhausting and costly trip I’ve ever experienced.
Traveling alone usually is something that I enjoy and prefer but how I wished I had a companion that spoke Spanish on this trip. I’ll start with the positives. Cuba in a way is an Utopia. They have no access to the outside world. You buy internet illegally under the table by the hour and you have to go to a park to use it. On average, you’ll spend over 300 dollars on internet access and I promise you, you’ll probably be able to log on once or twice. I know that sounds like a negative but I think its what makes the people so kind and the country crime free.
Cuba is truly the safest country for women. Cubans operate on routine. They wake up at 5 am, drink the strongest coffee you can imagine then go to the park with their children to do yoga.
Now, to the negatives. Like I said before, Cuba is the most expensive country I’v ever visited. There is a sense that they are still trying to punish Americans for the past, so when exchanging currencies, you are given 10% to 20% less of your exchange. An average cab ride or meal costs about 60 USD. In a day, you’ll spend an average of 300 dollars. Needless to say I spent over 2,000 dollars in a week. Tourism is the only source of an average Cuban income therefore, once they figured you are an American, you’ll inadvertently be charged more than you should. They also have two different currencies, the CUP and the CUC and my God, good luck trying to figure out where you should spend which.
Virtually, no one speaks English and I mean NO ONE. Because I’ve been to myriad of Spanish speaking countries in the past and was able to communicate just fine with my little Spanish and their little English, I assumed I won’t have any problems.
In many ways, going to Cuba feels like going back in time. It’s not just because of the classic cars. The cars are so fabulous!! There’s also the lack of infrastructure.
I’ll absolutely love to go back to Cuba. Cuba swept me off my feet.  I felt every hair on my neck stand up when I arrived in Cuba.  I absolutely won’t mind living there when they have internet. I was trying to absorb every detail of the scenes that were unfolding.  Four days there felt like a month because of the sheer amount of experiences we had, but at the same time it felt like I only scratched the surface of this country.










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It’s My Birthday!

Aaannnnnnnnndddddd I’m turning _____ You thought I was going to tell y’all huh?!
I’m celebrating tonight in Havana, Cuba with locals and I can’t wait to ring in this next year of my life by dancing the night away. There is so much I want to accomplish, and I’m so blessed to be where I am in my life. I’m happier and healthier than ever. I literally accomplished everything I wanted to this year and more! I don’t have many deep thoughts or profound truth to share today other than chase your dreams and don’t let anyone tell you it’s impossible. I’m incredibly grateful to you all and a heartfelt thanks to God for an amazing life.

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Neutral Outfit: How to wear Camel, Cream, Beige And Nude

People will tell you that neutral has no positive characters or features. I think not! When used together or for contrast it could be fantastic. Flesh tone outfits looks good on everyone. This winter, nude tones are on my top list. I decided to go in the glamour route. I paired an H&M turtleneck with JustOneAnswer leather circle skirt and forever21 nude coat to finish it off. A pair of nude shoes is a staple in every woman’s closet but it shouldn’t end up with just shoes. So, I finished it off with my pumps. Mixing all nude colors gives you a certain classy and ladylike look. Let me know what you ladies think.

“If you believe it will work out , you will see opportunities. If you believe it won’t you will see obstacles.”







Hi Darlings! I just got back from Art basel and I had the time of my life. It was an incredible experience. In any rate, A leather jacket is all about the attitude, and a fashionable tan leather jacket is even more so. Black is simple: it tends to speak for itself. But with tan/nude/brown, you kind of have to do the talking for it. You have to style it to make it live up to its full potential. The point is, anyone can get away with wearing a leather jacket! You don’t have to ride a motorcycle, or have a certain type of attitude, or dress a certain type of way. Leather jackets look good with anything and everything, whether you’re toughening up a floral dress or going for a chic all white look. Today’s leather jacket look is by I opted to wear my tan colored leather jacket with an all white outfit (turtle neck and white slacks) for a lighter feel to complete the look.


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Niké Tan Jacket-2

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Niké Tan Jacket


Happy thanksgiving sweethearts! Layering your look is an essential during the autumn and winter months. However, don’t be afraid to mix and match. Beyond this functional role, putting some thought into colour combinations and textures can add variety and individuality to your look, as well as enhancing your options in general.
Layering certainly isn’t the hardest part of winter fashion to get the hang of, you’re effectively just putting different items of clothes over other items. Despite this, if you don’t know how to layer your clothes properly then your outfit can very quickly go from looking good, to bad. Layering your outfits in the most stylish way possible is actually very easy. I’ve always loved polka dots with leopard prints together. The coat and shirt are from Forever 21, pants are from uniqlo and shoes are from Save me some turkey!!







How to Style a Blue Jumpsuit

Hi Sweethearts! This season I recommend you give a try to a blue jumpsuit. Why? It’s comfortable, stylish and blue ideally suits anyone no matter the skin color. I was wowed as to how this blackHalo jumpsuit tailored perfectly to my silhouette. This staple can be be both feminine and sophisticated. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Xx


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Nike Milk-2

Nike Milk

Simplicity & Elegance in Jarlo London

Hi Sweethearts! Whether you’re an outgoing person or a little introvert, a classy black dress is important to have in your closet. There are certain occasions when you just need a perfect dress that is flexible for any destination and event. Unfailingly, this chic and elegant piece of clothing is considered to be a fashion classic. It goes well with almost anything in your closet, bags, shoes and accessories. I’ve never met a knee-lenght black dress I didn’t like. This Jarlo London black Lace Midi Dress is a flattering choice for any special occasion! It’s a fitted sleeveless bodice offers a stunning lace panel in front with a subtle sweetheart silhouette beneath a sheer decolletage. It’s thick woven fabric falls gracefully down a figure-skimming skirt with a classic midi length. Hidden back zipper. Skirt is lined in stretch knit. The dress has a high neckline for a finished elegance look. I finished it off with my nude “So Kate” from Louboutin. I’m fully taking advantage of the slightly warm weather.

Elegance is something that has always been stringed along with simplicity. And that indeed, holds all the beauty and attraction to everyone.


Black Dress-5

Black Dress

Black Dress-4

Black Dress-3

A seat at the table

Hello sweethearts! Today, I want to talk about personal style. I’ve always believed fashion/trends are temporary and style is eternal. I follow a handful of bloggers that seem to change their style at the same time. Same hair, same clothes, same captions. Not that, there is anything wrong with that but I think its better to create your own style. When Solange Knowles first burst on the scene as a fashion icon, she wore her hair in a fro and wore colorful outfits and everyone labeled her “eccentric”. She danced to the beat of her own drums and didn’t listen to the critics. Look at how far she has come by being herself. My whole life, I’ve always been an oddball. Although, my style is elegant, I’m known to change my hair constantly and I’ll push the envelope once in a while. That’s MY personal style. It’s what makes me unique from other bloggers. Finding (and refining) personal style can be a struggle; I’m the first to admit it but its doable. In terms of your wardrobe, know what you like, understand what looks good on you, and how to shop. It’s quite okay to seek inspiration but then find a way to tailor it to yourself to fit your aesthetics. In any rate, I’m wearing this robe from Bel Kazan collection.

What is the difference between fashion and style? Fashion says, ‘Me, too,’ and style, ‘Only me.’ Geraldine Stutz




Clueless Inspired

Because I’m so late in life in general, I just watched clueless the movie for the first time ever. I was immediately inspired by the fashion in the movie in general. Cher Horowitz knew what was cool in 2016 way back in 1995 – and she was not afraid to show it. A long-sleeved shirt underneath a sleeveless jumper and tucked into a button-front skirt? That’s so hot. This look is very preppy for me but I wanted to take a little bit of a risk. Check out my Instagram for outfit details.
Happy Wednesday everyone!






Shadowing in J.O.A

Hello, Darlings! Happy Monday and happy Halloween. The weather is still quite warm in L.A but the show must go on and we must wear sweaters. I love this Midi length cable knit sweater with side slits from J.O.A. I paired it with black shorts and over the knees boots. Although, most people think sweater dresses are boring, I personally don’t mind them. They’re cozy, they’re casual, and they make you want to snuggle up and overall, you can make them look fabulous. In any rate, If you’re still here and you’re still reading, I just want you to know that I am so grateful for your support and for being on this strange but fulfilling journey with me. Have an amazing rest of your week.