Hi Loves! After abandoning white for the last few months (not intentionally), I decided to dust up all my whites and wear them again. I wanted to bring back some chicness during this cold weather. I went for a white jumpsuit and Olive green. Olive green is the color for winter. It is such a timeless and versatile color. Olive green adds extra richness to any outfit. This GRACEWILLOWTHELABEL jacket is perfect for any occasion. 

I love this look because it is just rich, fresh, sophisticated and the perfect amount of sexiness. Olive green may have a military connotation to it, but that doesn’t mean all the silhouettes have to be masculine. In fact, nothing looks prettier than a feminine shape. This jacket makes that possible. Pairing it with a wide-legged white jumpsuits simply makes this outfit so feminine.

I accessorized with big sunglasses, leopard shoes which I personally consider a neutral. A strathberry burgundy tote purse is just fabulous.

Photographer // Bryan Santos



Denim has been around since 1800s and they can never go out of style since they are the epitome of swag. Since winter is all about layering, won’t this be the best time to experiment with denim? On appearance, you may think that denim on denim on denim is an eyesore and that perhaps it should be left to catwalks and fashion magazines. But that’s where you’re wrong. Anyone can layer denim like a pro – so go pick out all the denim in your closet before I finish writing and let’s layer together.

Many of us are afraid to layer clothes for fear of looking bigger and bulkier than we actually are. However, if done right, it could actually make you slimmer. A perfectly layered look will complement your body, giving you the ultimate swag you need.

First thing is to start with a key piece and work your way to the outer layer. I chose this pencil dress which is already a statement on its own. Length and proportion is key when layering. Since the dress is a maxi dress, I chose two jackets with two different lengths. Also, It’s best to incorporate a mix of materials when styling a layered look if you don’t want to look like a stuffed turkey from last thanksgiving, choose a thinner denim jacket, as this will enable you to layer it.

Finally, add some accessories in the form of jewelry or watches. I chose a white sunglasses. Thank you so kindly for reading. I’ve linked the outfit for you below. Stay Fabulous.


5 Essentials For Effortless French Girl Style

I am a self-profess francophile. Albeit, I’ve never been to France. I love everything about the French culture. Their skin, their care-free attitude, their je ne sais quoi but most importantly, their style. What I admire most about the French girl style is their ability to never follow trends and simultaneously exude this effortless elegance. Let’s get a little Brigitte Bardot inspiration going on. Today, I’m going to show you 5 essentials for effortless French girl style.

  1. Less is More.
    For the French women, less is more, less is effortless and less is fabulous. For example, if you are wearing dangling earrings, you most likely won’t wear any other jewelry. Also, you can’t mix materials in your jewelry, it’s either all gold or all silver. I personally prefer gold dainty or pearl studs jewelry like I wore in this outfit. 

2. The Everyday flat/kitten heels
The French women sex appeal doesn’t depend entirely on low-cut tops and high heels. Don’t get me wrong, I love high heels. The higher the heel, the closer to….. you know the rest. However, The French woman know how to make a simple ballet flat or kitten heels look like the sexiest item ever created.

3. Invest in bright red lipstick.
I’ve preached this over and over and over and I’ll continuously do. The secret to effortless style is a red lipstick. Red lipsticks are powerful. French women are known to match their red nails to their red lipstick. Consistency is key. Red lipsticks can be different shades depending on the season or your mood but they’ll never wear blue, green, yellow or black on their lips. 

4. When in Doubt, wear a hat.
As you guys know, I love a great hat. Especially with bad hair day, a great hat will dress up anything from a bathing suit to a pantsuit. A signature hat worn adds the right amount of oomph to just about anything you put on. I paired a leather beret with my metallic tweed set from ShopMoonRiver. The leather beret gives the whole outfit an edge but still classy. 

5. Structured bag.
A simple structured bag is an essential for a french look. With a structured bag, you look smart and sleek while accommodating all your essentials. By going for a structured bag like the one I have here, you’ll surely make any outfit sophisticated, polished, and chic in no time.

Overall, just remember that French women are truly good at knowing what proper fit should look and feel like. Everything should be tailored to perfection but simplistic so. Remember, there is an exception to every rule, so do follow these ones as you please. Thank you for reading. Stay Fabulous.

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How To Dress for Work this Fall: Chic 9-5 Style

Hi Ladies! This is an article for all of you working a 9-fab. I haven’t forgotten about you all.  Who says you can’t look professional, feminine yet chic to work this fall? Office fashion is still attainable even during the cooler months.Color themed outfits like these are easy to pull off. I know we are all super busy, so let’s dive right into how to look chic and cozy for your daily office wear this fall.

The easiest way to look chic to work this fall is to invest in smart casual looks in neutrals. Neutrals are great because you can interchange them over and over. For example, I went for a muted palette of black. However interchanging the textures makes this outfit much more interesting than a simple monochromatic black outfit.

The sweater is a heavy knitted v-neck outfit. It looks great with a simple black capri pants. Don’t be afraid to wear contrasting textures or subtle patterns. For a relaxed dress code office place, feel free to accessorize. Invest in a classic black purse like this one from Strathberry.  A simple hand jewelry and a black sunglasses. I think it’s best to look well groomed in an understated way – light makeup, and minimal but classic accessories.

Do you have any tips for dressing for success at work? If so, write me on IG: specsandblazers. Shop the look below. 


Credit: Bryan Santos 



Hi Ladies! Pink is not my favorite color but its an outfit instant refresher. If you are like me, you are asking if you can wear pink this fall. Wearing pink is easy in the spring and summer, however, how do we transition it to fall? Well, let’s figure it out together.

Fabrics are key in all fashion trends. With this outfit, I mixed sleek and soft. Since its fall, I went for a velvet dress. You can absolutely wear pink in most textures and style once the temperature drops as long as you pair it with heavier layers. So, I dripped a pink wool jacket over I got from a thrift store. A wool jacket not only provide extra warmth, they also provide gorgeous textural contrast.

My go-to trick when I’m deathly afraid most colors is to keep it simple. You can make even the riskiest pieces work as long as you keep it in the same color palette. Keeping it slight monochromatic just makes it a bit more safe. For example, bright pinks look modern and sleek when you drip another pink on top and keep makeup minimal. So, I’m wearing a nude lip gloss and a small nano tote from Strathberry.

Confidence is key. I can’t stress this enough. The freshest looks on runways this fall were the ones that contained the oddest color combos. I mean I saw the weirdest colors combined together, most I won’t even dare try. However, I love the intensity burgundy color has and how it pops against pink, creating a juxtaposition that’s perfectly balanced.

So, pull out the pinks in your wardrobe and try it out. A pop of color will never fail to make your day brighter! If all else fails, always remember to follow the only fashion rule that matters: Whatever you wear, own it and stay fabulous.

Thanks so much for reading, my dear friends, and I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far!

Photography by Bryan Santos





Fall Fashion Hues


This is by far one of my favorite looks to date. My Photographer Bryan killed this. I loved this outfit so much we even shot a little video for it for my IG. I love all the colors going on in this one outfit. We are finally starting to see a snippet of fall in Los Angeles and finally dark colors! Wine color and dark Olive green are my favorite two colors of the season.

These two colors tied together with a nude trench coat just makes an outfit look rich and sensuous.

Simply because there is so much going on and there is absolutely no need to pile on the accessories with these luxe pieces. I even ditched my signature sunglasses for this look and in lieu tied it all together with my Strathberry bag.

So, this season, update your wardrobe with these three colors. This will certainly make a big difference in your overall look. Don’t forget you can now shop all my outfits on here. Thank you so much for reading. 




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Even though it’s been a while since I’ve worn blazers and I myself was thinking is the name “Specsandblazers” a misnomer? Or have I simply outgrown the name? Well, Let’s find out. I had a sudden creative rush last night and I was so excited to put outfits together. Somehow, everything I was pulling out of my closet all had a masculine energy to them.

So, I decided to play with blazers. I pulled this oversized red blazer that I got from a thrift store years ago out of my closet. I paired with a heart loom jumpsuit and I belted it which emphasizes the waist and give it a slight feminine touch.

Something about a woman in an oversized tuxedo blazer says chic and “I’m too cool for you”. The great thing about blazers is that they are versatile. It adds structure and looks great with everything.

I offset the whole outfit with pointy toe leopard pumps which gives the whole outfit a more sexy look and elongates the silhouette of my body.

Masculine tailoring is incredibly flattering as long as you offset the outfit with feminine accessories. I paired it with Zara messenger bag and a black sunglasses.

So, do yourself a favor and head to the men’s department for the perfect option—if it’s a little bit too big, get it taken in at a tailor, or drape it over your shoulders and you’ll be good to go.


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Hat Trend Guide Autumn 2017

Hi Ladies! I love hats. Just love.  Hats are the ultimate hallmark for the fall season. Today, I’m going to share the 4 hat trends I’m loving this fall.

  1. Beret

    A beret elevates your look. No matter what you wear, you are going to look better. We learn from French girls and they love berets. I’ve been wearing my beret quite a bit with a variety of outfits. The beret makes my outfit more fashionable, and brought a certain Parisian chic to all my looks like the one I wore today. The lovely thing about beret is that it’s a purse friendly accessory. So, if you get tired of wearing it, just fold it up and put it in your purse. Link to shop below

  2. The Fedora

    Fedoras! By far my favorite hat of the season, simply because it doesn’t go out of style.  If you’re worried that it’ll look too boyish on you, try a pretty color or a ribbon to add a touch of femininity to the look. The great thing about Fedoras is that you can position it in many different ways to make it look completely different. Throw on an olive green fedora to break up your all-black outfit. It is an universally fashionable hat. The not-too-short, not-too-long brim will work with all features.

3. Newsboy Caps

Like it or not, Newsboy caps have returned to fashion and there is nothing you can do about it. You might think it’s impractical but this hat is a must in your closet. If you are insecure about your forehead, this is the hat for you. The hat itself is borrowed from nautical menswear and loosely from French 90’s era style. This hat has taken over Hollywood especially on models like Bella hadid and Kendall Jenner. I got mine on ebay for 6 dollars.

4. The Wide Brim Hat

The Wide brim hat is the ultimate statement hat. This statement hats is a cool, easy way to shake up any outfit. The wide-brims generally suit most face shapes.  This one is from Forever 21. Shop below.

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4 ways to wear Olive green this fall

I’m feeling all the fall vibes even though it’s still hot as heck in Los Angeles. This year, olive green is my cool weather color crush and I’m totally letting it take over my wardrobe. If you love this hue as much as I do, here are 4 trendy ways to wear it this autumn:

  1.  Olive Denim Jeans
    I love good denim jeans for fall. Olive jeans are incredibly versatile, you can wear them like you would any neutral. Which makes outfits so much more interesting than ordinary denim.

2. As a focal point (Jacket).
Fall fashion has always been all about layering, so don’t be afraid to rock a vest or light jacket. Wear solid, olive outwear vest with a white shirt and then pair with classic blue jeans or simple black leggings. For the perfect finishing touch to your laidback, autumn look.

3. Olive Midi Skirt

A midi Skirtlook is super chic. If you want to take it to whole new level, bring colorblock back.

4. As An accent purse
This cute bag is from Zara. They’re the perfect shades to complement  your fall wardrobe.


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The Perfect Fall Dress


This is just a quick post. Fall is here!! Who else is as excited as I am? It’s time to send those bright sundresses packing and let your closet take a darker turn.

Despite autumn beginning officially last week, it certainly has not felt like fall. Despite the warm temps, however, I still want to start dressing in fall’s rich hues and warm florals. Enter this dress. It will give you all of the fall feelings without overheating

My favorite part about this dress is the high low skirt. The warm colors of the dress gives it a va-va-voom and the backless deep V is sexy yet classy.

I’m relishing in the few weeks we have left to wear dresses.

Happy Saturday everyone and thank you so much for reading!

:: Outfit ::

Dress :: Cadieux

Bag :: strathberry

Shoes:: Public Desire

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