Recently, I started watching “Mad Men” and in my truest form, I am addicted. My Boyfriend, Alexandre has been trying to force me to watch it forever since it’s his favorite show and my style is slightly based on Old Hollywood. Well, I finally listened and it’s changed MY LIFE! I also, say that about everything.

The costume design is impeccable. The Costume designer is brilliant in how she brings each character to life through their style and recreating 60’s essence with such authenticity. There is something powerful when you are watching a show and you want to live vicariously through the characters. Of course, I’ll never be as fabulous, I had to recreate some of the looks especially inspired by the character Joan. Her style is very sassy, bright and a bit flirty.

The ladies at Unique Vintage sent me this beautiful green dress from the 50’s and immediately thought of Joan. What I love Unique Vintage is that their line is size inclusive. Fashion in the 60s began with the prim and proper simplicity of Jackie O.s style. Women loved her perfect pearls and skirt suits. But soon, fashion took a turn for the less proper as skirts got shorter, boots got higher and women dressed less like matriarchs and more like young ladies. Ladies started showing a little more skin with class.

This bewitching emerald green dress rich in 1950s vintage appeal fresh is unparalleled! Boasting a gathered surplice v-neckline, trim and tailored half sleeves with darling button detail and a thick banded natural waistline that creates a minimized silhouette. An ample A-line swing skirt billows to knee length in soft pleats, zipping slyly up the back. Crafted in a supremely soft stretch blend in stunning retro structure, forming an understated yet flattering design. I was fabulously floored when I tried it on!

I styled it with a polka dot scarf with a smooth and sheeny satin like fabric from Forever 21. I finished it off with my trusted So Kate pumps and a simple black clutch. Hope you enjoyed this look as I did styling it very much.

Stay Fabulous.

“You’re born alone and you die alone and this world just drops a bunch of rules on top of you to make you forget those facts.”

SPECSANDBLAZERS X AVON (Seaside Gardens Campaign)

Hello Everyone!

I am so honored to write this article and I am still pinching myself. Avon is such a household name and they’ve been around for such a long time (130 years!). They’ve opened the door for so many women and have empowered them with an opportunity to take control of their financial independence. On a personal note, 15 years ago my whole family moved to the United States. Unfortunately, my mother who is the breadwinner of our family had to wait a whole year to get her medical license in the US. She applied for plethora of jobs and Avon was the only company that gave her an opportunity to earn an income while she waited for the license. So, to work with Avon and feature their Seaside Gardens collection is such an incredible honor.

The Avon Seaside Gardens collection is a modern twist on the classics and is perfect for spring. You can transport yourself to a scenic seaside for sunny days spent in all-American fashion with a modern twist. “With easy-to-wear pieces and a nod to nautical, this collection lets your style set sail”. The whole collection is made up of simple separates that you can so easily put together. The great thing about avon is that they are size inclusive which is so important to me as a blogger. You can find sizes from Small to 3x. All of these looks can be purchased b shopping with your Avon representative or on (where you can find your avon representative!)

I am a sucker for a simple white capris. So, I decided to style the Anna Capri in white with a white shirt ,a simple scarf, and sunglasses for a laid-back shore style.

This outfit goes perfectly with the Cushion Walk Sandal with Stone Cluster. These floral sandals are so comfortable and makes an all-white outfit stands out even more.

For a day on the yacht, I decided to style the same white capris with the Mia Shirt in Chambray. Everyone needs a classic chambray shirt. However, a classic chambray shirt with sweet ruffles is simply genius and gives the whole look a feminine touch.

I styled the outfit with the Anchor Watch. This particular watch is so classy. The nautical deisgn with navy strap makes this the perfect accesory for an outfit like this.

I finished the whole look with the Cushion Walk Bow Front Slide Sandal. I love a classy mule. These particular shoes are very comfortable, high quality and look great (even in jeans).

Last but not least is to wow the crowd with the Marissa flutter dress. Swing into spring in this floral dress. Spend a little time in your backyard harvesting snapdragons and sweet peas. I love this dress because its so comfortable yet stylish.

Hope you enjoyed all these looks. All of this pieces are available are now avaialbe now through the end of May through Avon representatives, so be sure to snag your favorites ASAP and know that by shopping thorugh Avon you are empowering other women! I’ll be hosting a giveaway at the end of the week to gift one of my lucky followers all the items I styled.

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Have a fabulous week.


How to dress like you are wearing Dior! Dior has always been one of my favorite designers. The name Dior is as synonymous with haute couture today as it was back in the 40s when the designer debuted his first collection. The full-skirted, wasp-waisted dresses and coats were an instant hit not only in Paris but around the world. Dior is the definition of glamorous style. The elegance and class of the brand is synonymous with my personal style and brand. However, that is a brand I cannot afford anytime soon but a girl can dream. I believe dressing up is instrumental to success. We like it or not, your appearance is what people see first and you’ll not believe how many doors would open for you if you simply dress well. However, since I can’t afford Dior right now, I have a few steps on how we can fake it till we make it now. So, let’s get right into it.


  1. Invest in Neutral colors especially black.  
    Black is elegant, graceful and more importantly polite. Black is elegant and chic; black is slimming; black looks good on all skin tones; black looks good with all hair colors; black looks as good on men as it does on women. BLACK is GOLD. As Christian Dior himself says “Black is the most slimming of all Colors. It is the most flattering. You can wear black at any Time. You can wear it at any age. You can wear it for almost any occasion. I could write a book about black”. Study Confirms That Wearing Black Clothing Makes You Appear More Attractive, Intelligent, and Confident. Personally, I feel like wearing all black allows you to go over the top with your outfit like this particular one.

2. Tulle Skirts.

Tulle skirts were a major theme of the spring/summer collection from Dior. I know tulle skirts are a little risky because you can easily look like you walked out of black swan but if done right, it could really elevate any outfits. You can find a fresh and high-style ways to wear tulle. Tulle can be styled in different ways.You can wear them for different occasions .From casual to formal , street style to funky look tulle just give a stunning look.  How sophisticated this simple black midi skirt looks with beautiful black pumps.

3. Don’t under-dress or Over-accessorize. 


Listen, the fastest way to be successful is to dress like you are already successful. Of course, don’t go broke trying to look rich but when you look good, you feel good. Honestly, The only people that can afford to look poor are the rich, and the rich don’t. When it comes to pairing your outfit with a bright scarf or funny tie you might want to think twice. Remember with Dior, less is more. I accessorized with this Couture Millenery hat which is a bold statement on it own. It’s important to get hair and makeup right. I pulled my hair away from my face to give the hat all the attention and paired it with my signature bright red lipstick and my trusted STRATHBERRY. Despite having great clothes if your hair and makeup is not done well you can sabotage your whole image. So accessorize meticulously.

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“Simplicity, good taste and grooming are the three fundamentals of good dressing and these do not cost money.”

— Christian Dior

Stay Fabulous.


Hi Loves! After abandoning white for the last few months (not intentionally), I decided to dust up all my whites and wear them again. I wanted to bring back some chicness during this cold weather. I went for a white jumpsuit and Olive green. Olive green is the color for winter. It is such a timeless and versatile color. Olive green adds extra richness to any outfit. This GRACEWILLOWTHELABEL jacket is perfect for any occasion. 

I love this look because it is just rich, fresh, sophisticated and the perfect amount of sexiness. Olive green may have a military connotation to it, but that doesn’t mean all the silhouettes have to be masculine. In fact, nothing looks prettier than a feminine shape. This jacket makes that possible. Pairing it with a wide-legged white jumpsuits simply makes this outfit so feminine.

I accessorized with big sunglasses, leopard shoes which I personally consider a neutral. A strathberry burgundy tote purse is just fabulous.

Photographer // Bryan Santos



Denim has been around since 1800s and they can never go out of style since they are the epitome of swag. Since winter is all about layering, won’t this be the best time to experiment with denim? On appearance, you may think that denim on denim on denim is an eyesore and that perhaps it should be left to catwalks and fashion magazines. But that’s where you’re wrong. Anyone can layer denim like a pro – so go pick out all the denim in your closet before I finish writing and let’s layer together.

Many of us are afraid to layer clothes for fear of looking bigger and bulkier than we actually are. However, if done right, it could actually make you slimmer. A perfectly layered look will complement your body, giving you the ultimate swag you need.

First thing is to start with a key piece and work your way to the outer layer. I chose this pencil dress which is already a statement on its own. Length and proportion is key when layering. Since the dress is a maxi dress, I chose two jackets with two different lengths. Also, It’s best to incorporate a mix of materials when styling a layered look if you don’t want to look like a stuffed turkey from last thanksgiving, choose a thinner denim jacket, as this will enable you to layer it.

Finally, add some accessories in the form of jewelry or watches. I chose a white sunglasses. Thank you so kindly for reading. I’ve linked the outfit for you below. Stay Fabulous.


5 Essentials For Effortless French Girl Style

I am a self-profess francophile. Albeit, I’ve never been to France. I love everything about the French culture. Their skin, their care-free attitude, their je ne sais quoi but most importantly, their style. What I admire most about the French girl style is their ability to never follow trends and simultaneously exude this effortless elegance. Let’s get a little Brigitte Bardot inspiration going on. Today, I’m going to show you 5 essentials for effortless French girl style.

  1. Less is More.
    For the French women, less is more, less is effortless and less is fabulous. For example, if you are wearing dangling earrings, you most likely won’t wear any other jewelry. Also, you can’t mix materials in your jewelry, it’s either all gold or all silver. I personally prefer gold dainty or pearl studs jewelry like I wore in this outfit. 

2. The Everyday flat/kitten heels
The French women sex appeal doesn’t depend entirely on low-cut tops and high heels. Don’t get me wrong, I love high heels. The higher the heel, the closer to….. you know the rest. However, The French woman know how to make a simple ballet flat or kitten heels look like the sexiest item ever created.

3. Invest in bright red lipstick.
I’ve preached this over and over and over and I’ll continuously do. The secret to effortless style is a red lipstick. Red lipsticks are powerful. French women are known to match their red nails to their red lipstick. Consistency is key. Red lipsticks can be different shades depending on the season or your mood but they’ll never wear blue, green, yellow or black on their lips. 

4. When in Doubt, wear a hat.
As you guys know, I love a great hat. Especially with bad hair day, a great hat will dress up anything from a bathing suit to a pantsuit. A signature hat worn adds the right amount of oomph to just about anything you put on. I paired a leather beret with my metallic tweed set from ShopMoonRiver. The leather beret gives the whole outfit an edge but still classy. 

5. Structured bag.
A simple structured bag is an essential for a french look. With a structured bag, you look smart and sleek while accommodating all your essentials. By going for a structured bag like the one I have here, you’ll surely make any outfit sophisticated, polished, and chic in no time.

Overall, just remember that French women are truly good at knowing what proper fit should look and feel like. Everything should be tailored to perfection but simplistic so. Remember, there is an exception to every rule, so do follow these ones as you please. Thank you for reading. Stay Fabulous.

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How To Dress for Work this Fall: Chic 9-5 Style

Hi Ladies! This is an article for all of you working a 9-fab. I haven’t forgotten about you all.  Who says you can’t look professional, feminine yet chic to work this fall? Office fashion is still attainable even during the cooler months.Color themed outfits like these are easy to pull off. I know we are all super busy, so let’s dive right into how to look chic and cozy for your daily office wear this fall.

The easiest way to look chic to work this fall is to invest in smart casual looks in neutrals. Neutrals are great because you can interchange them over and over. For example, I went for a muted palette of black. However interchanging the textures makes this outfit much more interesting than a simple monochromatic black outfit.

The sweater is a heavy knitted v-neck outfit. It looks great with a simple black capri pants. Don’t be afraid to wear contrasting textures or subtle patterns. For a relaxed dress code office place, feel free to accessorize. Invest in a classic black purse like this one from Strathberry.  A simple hand jewelry and a black sunglasses. I think it’s best to look well groomed in an understated way – light makeup, and minimal but classic accessories.

Do you have any tips for dressing for success at work? If so, write me on IG: specsandblazers. Shop the look below. 


Credit: Bryan Santos 



Hi Ladies! Pink is not my favorite color but its an outfit instant refresher. If you are like me, you are asking if you can wear pink this fall. Wearing pink is easy in the spring and summer, however, how do we transition it to fall? Well, let’s figure it out together.

Fabrics are key in all fashion trends. With this outfit, I mixed sleek and soft. Since its fall, I went for a velvet dress. You can absolutely wear pink in most textures and style once the temperature drops as long as you pair it with heavier layers. So, I dripped a pink wool jacket over I got from a thrift store. A wool jacket not only provide extra warmth, they also provide gorgeous textural contrast.

My go-to trick when I’m deathly afraid most colors is to keep it simple. You can make even the riskiest pieces work as long as you keep it in the same color palette. Keeping it slight monochromatic just makes it a bit more safe. For example, bright pinks look modern and sleek when you drip another pink on top and keep makeup minimal. So, I’m wearing a nude lip gloss and a small nano tote from Strathberry.

Confidence is key. I can’t stress this enough. The freshest looks on runways this fall were the ones that contained the oddest color combos. I mean I saw the weirdest colors combined together, most I won’t even dare try. However, I love the intensity burgundy color has and how it pops against pink, creating a juxtaposition that’s perfectly balanced.

So, pull out the pinks in your wardrobe and try it out. A pop of color will never fail to make your day brighter! If all else fails, always remember to follow the only fashion rule that matters: Whatever you wear, own it and stay fabulous.

Thanks so much for reading, my dear friends, and I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far!

Photography by Bryan Santos





Fall Fashion Hues


This is by far one of my favorite looks to date. My Photographer Bryan killed this. I loved this outfit so much we even shot a little video for it for my IG. I love all the colors going on in this one outfit. We are finally starting to see a snippet of fall in Los Angeles and finally dark colors! Wine color and dark Olive green are my favorite two colors of the season.

These two colors tied together with a nude trench coat just makes an outfit look rich and sensuous.

Simply because there is so much going on and there is absolutely no need to pile on the accessories with these luxe pieces. I even ditched my signature sunglasses for this look and in lieu tied it all together with my Strathberry bag.

So, this season, update your wardrobe with these three colors. This will certainly make a big difference in your overall look. Don’t forget you can now shop all my outfits on here. Thank you so much for reading. 




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Even though it’s been a while since I’ve worn blazers and I myself was thinking is the name “Specsandblazers” a misnomer? Or have I simply outgrown the name? Well, Let’s find out. I had a sudden creative rush last night and I was so excited to put outfits together. Somehow, everything I was pulling out of my closet all had a masculine energy to them.

So, I decided to play with blazers. I pulled this oversized red blazer that I got from a thrift store years ago out of my closet. I paired with a heart loom jumpsuit and I belted it which emphasizes the waist and give it a slight feminine touch.

Something about a woman in an oversized tuxedo blazer says chic and “I’m too cool for you”. The great thing about blazers is that they are versatile. It adds structure and looks great with everything.

I offset the whole outfit with pointy toe leopard pumps which gives the whole outfit a more sexy look and elongates the silhouette of my body.

Masculine tailoring is incredibly flattering as long as you offset the outfit with feminine accessories. I paired it with Zara messenger bag and a black sunglasses.

So, do yourself a favor and head to the men’s department for the perfect option—if it’s a little bit too big, get it taken in at a tailor, or drape it over your shoulders and you’ll be good to go.


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