As we all know, until Fenty Beauty, it seemed like it was very difficult, almost impossible to find foundation for Dark skin people. It is quite unfortunate that it has taken this long for us to start having dark skin makeup on the beauty market. I had an unfortunate situation in which I had to host a beauty brand’s launch of their foundation and everyone had their foundation with the exception of myself. It was heartbreaking and if you aren’t a dark skin girl, you can never know what that feels like. I am certainly happy that things have ameliorated significantly but we still have a long way to go. So, with that said, here are the 4 foundations I’m loving for the summer.

 Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation – $49.00

This foundation is simply the best for the ultimate glow. It is more of a skin finish. It gives great coverage, blends beautifully and looks natural on the skin. For an initial launch the shade range is really promising! I’m still hoping for more deeper shades. I just love the radiant and natural finish it has. I use the shade “Namibia”. I’ll say this foundation works better for someone with dry skin (I have oily skin). Also, with this foundation, you do not need a concealer. If used with the Laura Mercier powder, it looks a bit more matte which I love. 


This foundation cost more than my clothes but god, the formula is amazing. It is just really painful that is almost 100 bucks.  However, this foundation would last you a long time. 2 pumps is all you need. This is my favorite foundation at the moment because of the coverage. However, there are several shades very much missing. I had to pay almost 200 dollars (2 bottles) to get my perfect shade. I have to put a little bit of “12 Macassar” with “11 Dusk”. However, I absolutely love that this foundation comes with SPF. Personally, I notice that it evens my skin tone, creating a flawless, supple, poreless canvas. It certainly reduces the appearance of wrinkles the most out of the 4. To be honest, I love this foundation simply for the aestheitc of the bottle as well. 

COVER FX Power Play Foundation – $44.00

MATTE! MATTE! MATTE! If you have very oily skin, this is the foundation for you. Love the range of shade. I also love that this also comes in different undertones. So, you can shop based not only the coverage but your undertone as well. So, for me I use the G110 for golden underskin. I also have to point out that this brand is vegan and cruelty-free. It holds my oil so well and the color match is simply perfect! It doesn’t oxidize on me, neither does it settle into my pores. Set with the Cover FX Matte Setting Powder, and I was completely good all day. You’ll get at least 8 hours out of it. Love! 

LANCÔME Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation – $47.00

This is such an affordable luxury line. I have been using the concealer of this same line for years, so it was natural to eventually want to try the foundation. This foundation is fantastic. It is medium coverage, not heavy on the skin at all. This is the only foundation that is transfer-resistant. This is correct, I can actually hug someone and my face won’t come off on their clothing. This has been my problem for so long. Anytime I have on makeup, I am deathly afraid of hugging anyone. It goes on beautifully with a BeautyBlender sponge. It also has SPF! Yay for SPF. It is the best foundation to control shine. I use the 550 suede W and it creates a satin matte finish. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this. I’ve linked the foundation for you to shop below. I want to know which foundations you are loving at the moment. Have a wonderful week. Xx

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