“I partnered with Gillette Venus on this post”.  This is probably one of my favorite collaborations as of yet. Even more exciting, it’s my very first collaboration under my production company.

A quick recap on my first time shaving, I remember the first time I shaved was when I was about 14 or so, I was just in the shower clearing my thoughts, and I saw my brothers razor, on side of the tub, and I didn’t really rationalize or think about it, I just got the razor, and started shaving my legs, I don’t even think my legs were that hairy. Then I realized that there was also a shaving cream, I thought it was some kind of soap at the beginning, so I put a thick layer of shaving cream all over my leg, I think I must have cut myself like 5 times. It was terrible! And then I discovered, Gillette Venus. Since I shave my legs everyday, I quickly realized picking out the right razor is so important. You want one that’s comfortable and helps protect against nicks and cuts.

The Platinum Extra Smooth from Gillette Venus is a beautifully-designed razor with the brand’s first designed-for-women metal handle. It’s a solution for women looking for a more premium design that can hold up against everyday wear and tear, and the long lasting smoothness they desire. The sleek and ergonomic design features a heavier, premium feel and provides women with ultimate control, strength and durability. Even more, the 5 diamond-like coated blades are designed to stay sharper during more shaves, for skin that feels extra-smooth. 

On clean skin, I apply my satin clear gel. The gel is important because it helps track where I’ve shaved. Then with my NEW PLATINUM EXTRA SMOOTH RAZOR with the blade facing down, I lightly press and shave upwards. You don’t have to push down too hard. Don’t worry about those tricky areas like your knees and ankles because each blade adjusts to the contact with your skin.  This helps to avoid nix and cuts plus it has a ribbon of moisture for a smoother glide.

Like any refillable razor, you should replace the blades as soon as they start feeling dull. What’s great is that- all Venus handles and blade refills are interchangeable – so you can pop your favorite blade onto any Venus handles and mix and match for the type of shave you want that day! When you are done shaving, use a rich moisturizer to give you the ultimate goddess glow.  The smoother the skin, the more confident you are in it. So, find the goddess in you and enjoy your beautiful smooth skin. Check it out on Amazon here – your smoother skin awaits! Stay Fabulous.

I partnered with Gillette Venus on this post.

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