4 Eye Creams That Actually Work

THIS POST IS NOT SPONSORED – Hi Everyone! Today, we are talking about eye creams and eye serums. Today, I am sharing my favorite ones with you. The ones that I truly enjoy and has stood the test of time. I personally love putting on my eye creams in the morning and at night because that is where you’ll see the most aging. Fun fact – there are no oil glands under your eyes, so that whole area has no way of moisturizing itself, so as you get older you are going to notice more dryness in that area. These are the products I can guarantee tackles fine lines, sagging, puffiness and dark circles. They obviously won’t completely eliminate aging but would alleviate tremendously. The truth is the skin around the eyes is 10 times thinner than the skin on your face and ages 36 percent faster than the rest of your skin (insanity!). So, let’s dive right in. I purchased all my products at COS BAR here in los Angeles. You can check out their site: https://www.cosbar.com/

1. CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE Intensive Eye Contour Cream $255.00

If you have the extra money to spend, this albeit VERY EXPENSIVE luxury eye cream is the ultimate experience in age defiance for eyes. This luxurious multi-benefit eye cream dramatically transforms visible sagging, loss of firmness, dark circles, dullness and wrinkles while delivering powerful moisture for phenomenal youthful resilience. Developed with a specially designed beauty massage tool coated in pure platinum that helps increase surface circulation during massage and improve overall tone for more well-defined eye area contours. This alcohol-free formula has a rich, ultra creamy texture that melts into skin.

2. Biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel! $54.00

I die for everything Biossance. Their peptide Eye gel is my favorite and I am obsessed. This product is the true meaning of goodbye bags, puffiness and dirk circles. If you want a non toxic luxury feel product without breaking the bank, go for biossance eye gel.  This little guy has a lot of of natural plant based derivatives in it which helps with the rejuvenation of cells around the eye area and of course the squalane which helps you retain moisture. The consistency of this product is amazing. It is super light and so a little goes a long way.

3. LA MER: The Lifting Eye Serum! $245.00

If you hate the feeling of a cream around your eyes, opt for something lighter like a serum. This is my go-to product to reduce dark circles. When using this product, I focus on my pressure points. This detoxifying formula contains red hibiscus that draws toxins out of the area surrounding your eyes, leaving you looking like you actually slept eight hours last night. The double sided wand that comes with it is perfect to wake up your eyes in the morning which helps with the puffiness. One drop of the product goes a long way. Now I can’t promise this actually lifts your eyebrows but it definitely does reduce puffiness and gives your eye area extra hydration. 

4.BIOEFFECT EGF Eye Serum ! $90.00

This is the product everyone is talking about from Vogue to In-style. It’s an Icelandic brand that actually does what it promises. It contains EGF which is a miracle worker for saggy skin. I’ve seen women use it after having a baby on their belly to firm the saggy skin of child birth (youtube it). It’s truly a miracle worker. So, what is EGF you ask? Epidermal growth factor. It is developed to speed wound recovery. This component boosts collagen and elastin.  I love this brand because there is not a single ingredient in here that could even remotely irritate your eyes because it is hypo-allergenic. My favorite thing about this product is that you don’t have to see or touch the actual product. You simply just dispense and use the cooling rolling ball and massage into the skin. This product is my go to for hydration under the eyes. This product is ideal for ages 30 and up. 

Prevention is better than cure, it’s never too early or too late to start on eye creams. Thank you COS BAR for partnering with me on this post. You can shop all the products on their site or I’ve linked these products for you. Shop below. Stay Fabulous!


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