3 Holiday Gift Ideas

FTC This post in collaboration with Olika & Sandisk.

  1. Birdie by Olika Hand-Sanitizer
    This unique hand-sanitizer is perfect for a coworker. The truth is, we all know our co-workers scary well. We all know their quirks and idiosyncrasies. So, we all know that one germophobe in our office. On our team, I am certainly the germophobe, but I still gifted the whole team one because why not? The great thing about Birdie by Olika is the wipes conveniently hidden on the bottom because iPhones can be scary. When you are done with the bottle, simply hang it up on your Christmas tree as part of your ornaments. It’s literally the best stocking stuffers this holiday season. Birdie by Olika hand sanitizer is certainly a practical gift that will be well appreciated. I’ve linked it below for you to shop.  

2. SanDisk iXpand Base

The iXpand Base is one of the best things I’ve ever touched. Where was this when my iPhone crashed and I lost everything few weeks ago. I was too lazy to backup my phone to my laptop. To be honest, I just find it tedious to keep remembering to backup of my contacts and media elements, then this innovative device from SanDisk is perfect for me. This piece of technology backs up your photos, videos, and contacts every time you plug in your iPhone. I normally have a million pics/music that I use for my blog and IG on my phone. The lovely thing is that it keeps your photos and videos right on the iXpand Base at original quality. Designed for everyday use with a soft rubber top to hold your phone and a wrap-around groove to keep your cable tidy. Easily restore your backed up photos, videos and contacts to your iPhone. You simply use your Apple Lightning to USB cable to connect it to your iPhone. I got one for myself, and both my siblings. So, get this for any Selfie-addict you know or any technology obsessed person.


I am obsessed with this satchel from ABLE. This color is fabulous for fall. Unlike other lifestyle brands, ABLE is truly making a difference. Their brand mission is to end generational poverty by working with women who have often overcome extraordinary circumstances by creating jobs for them. The company manufactures directly in the communities they wish to impact, giving women a say in their own economic future and helping to end the cycle of charity dependency. They also foster deep relationships with their manufacturers to ensure the women in their factories can reap the full economic benefits of their employment. As a feminist, I’m all for it.


FTC This post in collaboration with Olika & Sandisk.

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