3 Simple Ways to Practice self-care – An ode to Self Care with Burke Williams

For most people (Myself included), adding self-care into a daily regimen can seem inconvenient, or even intimidating. I took the weekend off to focus on myself and actually logged off social media for the weekend. Yay me! My first defense is  that “I don’t have time for that,” or “I have too many other things to do.” My only “me time” is when I’m working. Go figure! Needless to say this creates stress and resentment towards my work and life in general and we don’t want that. So, here are my three ode to self care:

It’s very beneficial to keep track of what we’ve done, but more importantly it’s needed to notice what we have. When I’m feeling stressed or off track, I grab my journal and note the things that I feel lucky to have. Everything from the food I get to eat to having a supportive family to eyes that I get to use is worth noting. Developing the habit of gratitude is a constant celebration of life. Try to catch yourself enjoying something and consciously acknowledge it. Practice. Practice. Practice.

As you all know, social media is literally what I do for a living but it is so important to log out once in a while. I’ve posted on social media every single day since April. I tell myself, its because you cant take a day off in a social media career but the truth is I get the same dopamine rush we all get when we post on social media. So, this weekend I checked into the Burke Williams Spa in Santa Monica and took the time to break away from social media, and allow myself to focus on the beauty of the moment. Studies show that spa and wellness services actually lower blood pressure and alleviate pain from our bodies. Burke Williams Spa gave me a sanctuary from the hectic pace of my everyday life. The ambiance allowed me to escape, relax and disconnect from the world and recharged my mind, body, and spirit.

Your health and well-being come first! Self-preservation is paramount. Nix anything that/who doesn’t feel fulfilling. If you have a hard time saying no, you have to learn. Even turning down projects/campaigns so I don’t wear myself thin. Nothing worse than a person who believes they can do it all but then just end up half-a**ing everything. A “Yes man/woman” is going to eventually burn out and burn down. The older I’ve gotten, the less crap I’ve given about saying flat out “no, I don’t feel like it/ I need alone time.” So much beauty and power in those two letters. I highly recommend the book No More Mr. Nice Guy. It deals with how to overcome being nice at your own expense.

When life gets busy it’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves. It is important to nurture, your soul and well being. However, practicing self-care can have great benefits for your mental, physical and spiritual health.

I’ll love one of you to join me on my journey of self-care. I’ll be gifting one of you a gift card to the Burke Williams Spa to enjoy yourself for the day. How to enter: Simply follow me on Instagram and then enter my email list. Once you’ve followed all the steps simply write “done” under the picture on IG and a lucky winner will be announced. Good Luck! 



Self-love is the first form of freedom.
—  Isra Al-Thibeh


Photography by Miranda Ahearn

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