As we all know, until Fenty Beauty, it seemed like it was very difficult, almost impossible to find foundation for Dark skin people. It is quite unfortunate that it has taken this long for us to start having dark skin makeup on the beauty market. I had an unfortunate situation in which I had to host a beauty brand’s launch of their foundation and everyone had their foundation with the exception of myself. It was heartbreaking and if you aren’t a dark skin girl, you can never know what that feels like. I am certainly happy that things have ameliorated significantly but we still have a long way to go. So, with that said, here are the 4 foundations I’m loving for the summer.

 Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation – $49.00

This foundation is simply the best for the ultimate glow. It is more of a skin finish. It gives great coverage, blends beautifully and looks natural on the skin. For an initial launch the shade range is really promising! I’m still hoping for more deeper shades. I just love the radiant and natural finish it has. I use the shade “Namibia”. I’ll say this foundation works better for someone with dry skin (I have oily skin). Also, with this foundation, you do not need a concealer. If used with the Laura Mercier powder, it looks a bit more matte which I love. 


This foundation cost more than my clothes but god, the formula is amazing. It is just really painful that is almost 100 bucks.  However, this foundation would last you a long time. 2 pumps is all you need. This is my favorite foundation at the moment because of the coverage. However, there are several shades very much missing. I had to pay almost 200 dollars (2 bottles) to get my perfect shade. I have to put a little bit of “12 Macassar” with “11 Dusk”. However, I absolutely love that this foundation comes with SPF. Personally, I notice that it evens my skin tone, creating a flawless, supple, poreless canvas. It certainly reduces the appearance of wrinkles the most out of the 4. To be honest, I love this foundation simply for the aestheitc of the bottle as well. 

COVER FX Power Play Foundation – $44.00

MATTE! MATTE! MATTE! If you have very oily skin, this is the foundation for you. Love the range of shade. I also love that this also comes in different undertones. So, you can shop based not only the coverage but your undertone as well. So, for me I use the G110 for golden underskin. I also have to point out that this brand is vegan and cruelty-free. It holds my oil so well and the color match is simply perfect! It doesn’t oxidize on me, neither does it settle into my pores. Set with the Cover FX Matte Setting Powder, and I was completely good all day. You’ll get at least 8 hours out of it. Love! 

LANCÔME Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation – $47.00

This is such an affordable luxury line. I have been using the concealer of this same line for years, so it was natural to eventually want to try the foundation. This foundation is fantastic. It is medium coverage, not heavy on the skin at all. This is the only foundation that is transfer-resistant. This is correct, I can actually hug someone and my face won’t come off on their clothing. This has been my problem for so long. Anytime I have on makeup, I am deathly afraid of hugging anyone. It goes on beautifully with a BeautyBlender sponge. It also has SPF! Yay for SPF. It is the best foundation to control shine. I use the 550 suede W and it creates a satin matte finish. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this. I’ve linked the foundation for you to shop below. I want to know which foundations you are loving at the moment. Have a wonderful week. Xx

5 Steps to converting events to a campaign for bloggers.

Well, we all know, no matter what profession you’re in, networking is the fuel that accelerates success. Period. I always say what people call “luck” is preparation & hard-work meets the perfect timing. I had what you’ll call an ah-ha moment last week at a blogger event. We had a situation where the PR girl walked up to a group of us and everyone simply said hello and ignored her for the rest of the evening. Long story short, I was able to land a campaign simply because I approached the PR girl and was nice to her. I’ve always ran my blog as a business and so when I attend an event, I am simply thinking of it as a very important business meeting, so I conduct myself as such. I promised to write an article to help other bloggers and so here are 5 ways to make the best out of attending your next blogger event:  

Build A Human Connection.  For some reason, bloggers think of PR girls as just some girls working a 9-5 behind a computer. Let me help you out, PR girls are THE MOST POWERFUL GIRLS in our business. In the hierarchy of the fashion pyramid, they sit all the way at the top, even more important than the brand itself. PR girls decides who gets to attend an event, who gets a package, and who they dress for events. They are the eyes of the brand and ultimately the decision maker. Of course, don’t be an A** kisser but my god, simple decency of being nice to them would get you very far. Take the time to remember their faces, remember their names, and remember what they need.  Just the core of getting to know someone, really, knowing them as a person. Remember, people are people, not just job gatekeepers!  Believe it or not, I suffer from social anxiety, but you wont know it when I am at an event, I simply put on sunglasses breathe in and breathe out and put on a smile and say hello to everyone I make eye contact with. 

Be Hyper-Aware. To be frank, I see a lot of bloggers coming to events to hang out with their girlfriends. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to hang out with your influencer girlfriends. However, there is a time and place for everything. You can hang out with your girlfriends at a nail shop, a coffee shop or at the mall. However, an event is where you should be in work mode and gossiping at work is not ideal. I tend to attend events by myself, so I can stand out and not be distracted from my main goal which is to land a campaign. PR girls, after a long exhausting day of putting an event together are usually sitting in a corner watching the room. As they are watching me, I am watching them. If it seems like they are tired, I simply walk up to them and just ask “how is your day going”? To start a conversation. 

Be Prepared. If you live in Los Angeles or NewYork, you are already one step ahead of the game. With that said, anyone with a modicum of sense knows that you need to have a strong body of work ready to show at any moment. Your work should speak for itself. Personally, I carry a mobile version of my media kit and a screenshot of my Instagram feed. So, if I get their phone number, I simply send them both for them to have easy access to. 

STAND OUT. If your name is super common, hard to spell, or otherwise hard to remember, you might want to make it easier for the other party to remember by coming up with a nickname. I always say “my name is Niké, spelt like the shoe Nike, you know Just do it’ and everyone and I mean everyone chuckles right after I say that. It helps Segway into the conversion seamlessly. It is imperative to stand out always. I’ve always said “If all the bloggers are doing it, that means I shouldn’t” that has always been the rebel in me but it has helped me tremendously in networking. Have a different feed, a different voice, a different style. Let us stop editing all our pics the same. Half of my feed literally looks the same. Don’t be afraid to have a strong voice on social media and stand out. 

Follow up. The core of networking is getting people to remember you, so they think of you when a good opportunity comes up. Since people are generally empathetic, the easiest way to do that is to remember them back. I normally send them an email right after thanking them for inviting me to their event and mentioning one of the conversation we shared that had absolutely nothing to do with blogging. Something along the lines of “Hey, want to grab coffee next week at that one place we both think is overpriced? lol”. If you do get a campaign out of this, please work very hard to do your best work. The PR industry is very small, and the jobs actually come by word of mouth (even if they are posted online to apply). Those who are respectable, hardworking, and dependable, they’re the ones who get the jobs, and continue to get them after they complete a task. Protect your reputation fiercely. 

Remember, If you only take opportunities, no one will want to help you because you’ll be seen as a selfish person and that is not a good reputation to have. Make sure you show your gratitude when the campaign wraps up and more importantly always lend a helping hand to your fellow bloggers. 

Thanks for reading and stay fabulous. 

How to Use a Face Mist (and Yes, You Need One!)

Hi Ladies! As you all know, skincare is such an integral part of my life. If you are a skincare addict like me, there is one step everyone debates about and that is face mists. Let’s start with what are face mists? Face mist primes your skin for makeup. If you apply it before your foundation, a layer of face mist helps create a smoother, more hydrated canvas over which to apply makeup. Do you need face mists? Absolutely! They are a key to a lovely skin all summer long. 

Since I started using face mists last year, I realized it keeps my skin happy and healthy with every burst. To be honest, its a slight therapeutic experience every time I close my eyes and that cold water touches my face during the summer heat. So, today I have decided to share this 4 new sprays I can’t get enough of this summer because there’s no better time to add a little refreshment to your skin care routine. Here are my 4 favorites Face mists to keep handy this summer and all through fall and winter. 

1. HERBIVORE Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist – $32 

This face mist is perfect for all skin type. It’s an all-natural face mist with coconut water, hibiscus, and rose to instantly revitalize your skin. You guys know I love all things coconut based. This mist is created with pure plant actives—no fillers. It has no particular perfume odor, so its perfect for someone with a sensitive nose like myself. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free. 

2. CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Face Spray – $25.50

I love all things Clinique for many reasons but simply because it is such an affordable brand. This oil-free face spray rapidly replenishes skin’s moisture level, restores skin balance and soothes the skin. Used with your favorite moisturizer is great for a thirsty skin relief, this spray rapidly refreshes and rejuvenates the skin. 

3. OSEA sea vitamin boost – $38.00 

I love this cruelty-free and organic brand. It’s the only one out of the 4 that significantly reduces aging. This refreshing mist delivers an instant surge of hydration and radiant glow to dull, thirsty skin. Loaded with antioxidant-rich Organic Algae, Resveratrol and Pomegranate. The perfect skin-quenching anytime pick-me-up. This particular mist is perfect for sensitive and dry skin. I personally use the mist as a toner. I spritz all over my face every night after cleansing and before applying an oil. It really helps my skin soak up the oil. 

4. Josie Maran Nirvana Hydrating Treatment Mist – $38.00

This mist is everything! This particular one is very personal. It’s not the sort of mist you can recommend to someone else. It has a particular smell that you either love or absolute hate. it has a protein-rich mineral product that is specifically designed to smooth and moisturize skin. Also, it has a natural essence of cucumber and geranium to revitalize the senses. This is a really nice botanical mist that has a nice touch off Argon oil at the end to lock in the lovely botanical infused water. For an extra hydration Nirvana provides, simply spray over your makeup all day! 

I hope you all love this post. Remember, face mists are perfect for a burst of moisture at any time of the day and especially during peak ray-blasting hours. Always, keep a face mist handy. They should be an integral part of your skincare to prime, balance, and hydrate your complexion. 

So, keep cool this summer. Lounge in the shade, wear cute shorts, and keep a face mist close by because everyone deserves a glowy face all summer 18. 


Recently, I started watching “Mad Men” and in my truest form, I am addicted. My Boyfriend, Alexandre has been trying to force me to watch it forever since it’s his favorite show and my style is slightly based on Old Hollywood. Well, I finally listened and it’s changed MY LIFE! I also, say that about everything.

The costume design is impeccable. The Costume designer is brilliant in how she brings each character to life through their style and recreating 60’s essence with such authenticity. There is something powerful when you are watching a show and you want to live vicariously through the characters. Of course, I’ll never be as fabulous, I had to recreate some of the looks especially inspired by the character Joan. Her style is very sassy, bright and a bit flirty.

The ladies at Unique Vintage sent me this beautiful green dress from the 50’s and immediately thought of Joan. What I love Unique Vintage is that their line is size inclusive. Fashion in the 60s began with the prim and proper simplicity of Jackie O.s style. Women loved her perfect pearls and skirt suits. But soon, fashion took a turn for the less proper as skirts got shorter, boots got higher and women dressed less like matriarchs and more like young ladies. Ladies started showing a little more skin with class.

This bewitching emerald green dress rich in 1950s vintage appeal fresh is unparalleled! Boasting a gathered surplice v-neckline, trim and tailored half sleeves with darling button detail and a thick banded natural waistline that creates a minimized silhouette. An ample A-line swing skirt billows to knee length in soft pleats, zipping slyly up the back. Crafted in a supremely soft stretch blend in stunning retro structure, forming an understated yet flattering design. I was fabulously floored when I tried it on!

I styled it with a polka dot scarf with a smooth and sheeny satin like fabric from Forever 21. I finished it off with my trusted So Kate pumps and a simple black clutch. Hope you enjoyed this look as I did styling it very much.

Stay Fabulous.

“You’re born alone and you die alone and this world just drops a bunch of rules on top of you to make you forget those facts.”

SPECSANDBLAZERS X AVON (Seaside Gardens Campaign)

Hello Everyone!

I am so honored to write this article and I am still pinching myself. Avon is such a household name and they’ve been around for such a long time (130 years!). They’ve opened the door for so many women and have empowered them with an opportunity to take control of their financial independence. On a personal note, 15 years ago my whole family moved to the United States. Unfortunately, my mother who is the breadwinner of our family had to wait a whole year to get her medical license in the US. She applied for plethora of jobs and Avon was the only company that gave her an opportunity to earn an income while she waited for the license. So, to work with Avon and feature their Seaside Gardens collection is such an incredible honor.

The Avon Seaside Gardens collection is a modern twist on the classics and is perfect for spring. You can transport yourself to a scenic seaside for sunny days spent in all-American fashion with a modern twist. “With easy-to-wear pieces and a nod to nautical, this collection lets your style set sail”. The whole collection is made up of simple separates that you can so easily put together. The great thing about avon is that they are size inclusive which is so important to me as a blogger. You can find sizes from Small to 3x. All of these looks can be purchased b shopping with your Avon representative or on (where you can find your avon representative!)

I am a sucker for a simple white capris. So, I decided to style the Anna Capri in white with a white shirt ,a simple scarf, and sunglasses for a laid-back shore style.

This outfit goes perfectly with the Cushion Walk Sandal with Stone Cluster. These floral sandals are so comfortable and makes an all-white outfit stands out even more.

For a day on the yacht, I decided to style the same white capris with the Mia Shirt in Chambray. Everyone needs a classic chambray shirt. However, a classic chambray shirt with sweet ruffles is simply genius and gives the whole look a feminine touch.

I styled the outfit with the Anchor Watch. This particular watch is so classy. The nautical deisgn with navy strap makes this the perfect accesory for an outfit like this.

I finished the whole look with the Cushion Walk Bow Front Slide Sandal. I love a classy mule. These particular shoes are very comfortable, high quality and look great (even in jeans).

Last but not least is to wow the crowd with the Marissa flutter dress. Swing into spring in this floral dress. Spend a little time in your backyard harvesting snapdragons and sweet peas. I love this dress because its so comfortable yet stylish.

Hope you enjoyed all these looks. All of this pieces are available are now avaialbe now through the end of May through Avon representatives, so be sure to snag your favorites ASAP and know that by shopping thorugh Avon you are empowering other women! I’ll be hosting a giveaway at the end of the week to gift one of my lucky followers all the items I styled.

Shop the looks below:


Have a fabulous week.

NewYork with Architectural Digest (Jenn Air).

Oh my! Where do I start? When I first received the email to come to NewYork with architectural digest, I almost died. Literally, passed out. My life has officially stopped being real. I keep saying, whoever is letting me borrow their life, please don’t ask for it back. I always say, I am not a blogger, I am a creative and more importantly a business woman. I draw inspiration from everything and to be honest, interior design was my very first love. So, this was a trip of a lifetime.


Twas such a short notice that I couldn’t really style myself, so I ran to EntreNous Showroom, a luxury consignment store that just went through a rebranding. When you visit Entre Nous Showroom on Robertson, you get to browse a wide array of modern and vintage designer pieces.

The owner Randi gives you a complete personal styling consultation. she picked out luxury items for me. She pushed me to go outside my comfort zone and picked items, I’ll have never ever picked myself. I picked up everything from Prada to Valentino, chanel and much more. I wanted to dress to impress for the show and honey, yes.. yes I did!

Well, as soon as I arrived in NewYork, I caught a fever (as per usual) accompanied with the craziest pink eye, I’ve ever seen. I took a day to rest but then with my fever and pink eye I decided “the show must go on”. I had to shoot some street style. So, it was back to work like I wasn’t dying.

There was a blizzard but because I had a 103 degree fever, I didn’t really feel much and also the blizzard made for such beautiful pictures.

Moving on to the show… Architectural digest is one of those brands in my wildest dreams that I’ll never thought I’ll get to work with. I mean as a child my parents received the monthly issue and I will flip through them and dream of my future home. Life comes in full circle. Every year Architectural Digest searches the globe for trailblazing talents across architecture, art, landscape design, product design, and technology. These creatives are redefining their industries with new discoveries, ever expanding the boundaries of their fields. I say its pretty much the fashion week of Architecture.

I was specifically hired for the Jenn Air booth. The Whirlpool luxury appliance brand, is launching a new line of kitchen appliance designs and they decided to launch their whole rebranding at the Architectural Digest Design Show.

Their rebranding was from everything from their logo, their image, watermark and campaign “Bound By Nothing”. I love anything luxury and I’m not easily impressed. However, I was beyond impressed. I wore this Maison Valentino to the booth. I love how classy this suit is.

They threw us an after party afterwards and it was amazing. They brought out Nas to perform, as in the greatest of all time, NAS. Needless to say, I fainted. Watch their new campaign here to get inspired.

I decided to hang around for the weekend to meet up with all my favorite PR girls. From Maybelline to Elizabeth Arden. Loved catching up with all of them.

Listen, there is no such thing as luck. The harder you work, the “luckier” you get. I know people don’t understand how these opportunities keep happening for me and I keep hearing all the rumors about me. Let me help you out, when the world is sleeping, I am working. When I am in a hospital, I’ll push out content, if I have 20 cents left in my account, I’ll still shoot. I am passionate about what I do and I don’t get detered by life circumstances.

The universe always finds a way to take care of the good people as the lovely Taraji says. Say what you want about me but make sure you say “she is killing it though” at the end of your gossip. So, let’s put all the rumors and stalking to rest, I work hard and I pray harder. There is your answer.

Goodbye NewYork! Till Next time! Stay fabulous 🙂

All photos by Jemima Richards. Check our her website. Her instagram is @jemrichards


How to dress like you are wearing Dior! Dior has always been one of my favorite designers. The name Dior is as synonymous with haute couture today as it was back in the 40s when the designer debuted his first collection. The full-skirted, wasp-waisted dresses and coats were an instant hit not only in Paris but around the world. Dior is the definition of glamorous style. The elegance and class of the brand is synonymous with my personal style and brand. However, that is a brand I cannot afford anytime soon but a girl can dream. I believe dressing up is instrumental to success. We like it or not, your appearance is what people see first and you’ll not believe how many doors would open for you if you simply dress well. However, since I can’t afford Dior right now, I have a few steps on how we can fake it till we make it now. So, let’s get right into it.


  1. Invest in Neutral colors especially black.  
    Black is elegant, graceful and more importantly polite. Black is elegant and chic; black is slimming; black looks good on all skin tones; black looks good with all hair colors; black looks as good on men as it does on women. BLACK is GOLD. As Christian Dior himself says “Black is the most slimming of all Colors. It is the most flattering. You can wear black at any Time. You can wear it at any age. You can wear it for almost any occasion. I could write a book about black”. Study Confirms That Wearing Black Clothing Makes You Appear More Attractive, Intelligent, and Confident. Personally, I feel like wearing all black allows you to go over the top with your outfit like this particular one.

2. Tulle Skirts.

Tulle skirts were a major theme of the spring/summer collection from Dior. I know tulle skirts are a little risky because you can easily look like you walked out of black swan but if done right, it could really elevate any outfits. You can find a fresh and high-style ways to wear tulle. Tulle can be styled in different ways.You can wear them for different occasions .From casual to formal , street style to funky look tulle just give a stunning look.  How sophisticated this simple black midi skirt looks with beautiful black pumps.

3. Don’t under-dress or Over-accessorize. 


Listen, the fastest way to be successful is to dress like you are already successful. Of course, don’t go broke trying to look rich but when you look good, you feel good. Honestly, The only people that can afford to look poor are the rich, and the rich don’t. When it comes to pairing your outfit with a bright scarf or funny tie you might want to think twice. Remember with Dior, less is more. I accessorized with this Couture Millenery hat which is a bold statement on it own. It’s important to get hair and makeup right. I pulled my hair away from my face to give the hat all the attention and paired it with my signature bright red lipstick and my trusted STRATHBERRY. Despite having great clothes if your hair and makeup is not done well you can sabotage your whole image. So accessorize meticulously.

Shop the whole look below.

“Simplicity, good taste and grooming are the three fundamentals of good dressing and these do not cost money.”

— Christian Dior

Stay Fabulous.


Hi Loves! After abandoning white for the last few months (not intentionally), I decided to dust up all my whites and wear them again. I wanted to bring back some chicness during this cold weather. I went for a white jumpsuit and Olive green. Olive green is the color for winter. It is such a timeless and versatile color. Olive green adds extra richness to any outfit. This GRACEWILLOWTHELABEL jacket is perfect for any occasion. 

I love this look because it is just rich, fresh, sophisticated and the perfect amount of sexiness. Olive green may have a military connotation to it, but that doesn’t mean all the silhouettes have to be masculine. In fact, nothing looks prettier than a feminine shape. This jacket makes that possible. Pairing it with a wide-legged white jumpsuits simply makes this outfit so feminine.

I accessorized with big sunglasses, leopard shoes which I personally consider a neutral. A strathberry burgundy tote purse is just fabulous.

Photographer // Bryan Santos


4 Cruelty-Free Makeup & Skincare Brands You’ll Feel Good About Indulging In

THIS POST IS NOT SPONSORED. Hi Guys! First off, what’s cruelty free? Cruelty free simply means a brand does not test on animals at all. I eat meat so it wouldn’t make sense for me to make a big deal out of it. However, I do believe we could all make a world a better place together if we simply are a bit more conscious. I know how difficult it is to find vegan/cruelty free products, especially when most things are coming from China. Here is a list of the make up products that are vegan yet affordable and high quality product. I believe in supporting a cause and still getting the best out of your money. Believe it or not, there are cruelty free cosmetics available at any price point, it’s getting easier and easier not to contribute to such an outdated practice. So, lets get right into it. Here are my 4 favorite cruelty free makeup and skincare brands. (THIS IS NOT SPONSORED! I PURCHASED ALL PRODUCTS MYSELF). Also, I am not trying to convince anyone to be cruelty free just for us to think twice.

1 Osea Malibu

OSEA (stands for Ocean, Sun, Earth and Atmosphere) Malibu. They are a company that makes body & skin products. By far one of my new favorite brands and I’ll be working with them more. First of all, their packaging is everything! So aesthetically pleasing. They are a 100% vegan skin care brand from Malibu, California (woot, woot). I have been wanting to try their products for so long and I am so happy to finally try it. I have oily skin, so I asked them what products they recommend and they gave me a recommendation. Their products are suitable for people with all types of skin, especially if you have sensitive skin and are looking for a great natural solution.

2. Eco Tools

I really like the Ecotools brushes. They’re quite soft and densely packed. If you want to take it to another level and support brands that employ eco friendly, this is the perfect brand to support. They are wonderful quality. The brushes are very soft and I have heard they could last for years. I can compare them to Real Techniques but I think the Eco Tools ones are softer in general. I use the angled liner brush for my eyebrows and it’s perfect.The only gripe I have with this brand is that numerous brushes that I love are exclusive to a particular set rather than being able to purchase individually and for someone who isn’t rich as myself, this could easily get expensive. Overall, I would highly recommend them.


Now this is a luxury brand I can get behind. They are located in my neighborhood in Los Angeles, so that is a good reason to support them. Everyone associated with this brand are just the nicest people I have ever met. I am so happy that they expanded from face, to body and hair, and now to fragrance and candles. This is a perfect brand for the model women and men because it is a unisex or should I say NON-binary line. Non binary products are difficult to find because even the fragrance free products are marketed in a specific way. However Malin+Goetz prides themselves in producing products that all sexes can use. I am obsessed with their new Dark rum perfume. This is the perfume to share with your boyfriend/husband. Is this brand a bit pricy? yes! Is it worth it? Absolutely.

4. Herb Essntls

Herb Essentials is a skin care brand that brings you high performing skincare products that utilize the unique beneficial properties of Cannabis (Clearly this is not for everyone). The stigma around cannabis has gone down significantly and this is a brand that is pioneering those changes. They never test their products on animals and they use all organic ingredients. Another Non-binary brand. All their products are designed to work equally for men and women.  The line consists of a lip balm, body lotion, facial moisturizer, and candle all priced under $70 and made here in LA, so of course I had to support. Cannabis Sativa seed oil is known for its ability to keep skin clear. It’s one of the rare oils that scores a 0 on the comedogenic scale which basically means that it doesn’t clog pores. This whole brand is perfect for anyone with acne prone skin.

Overall, I believe we all share a responsibility for this planet and the creature that live here. Again, I am not vegan and not even a fan of pets but the little that I could do to bring awareness is important to me. Stay Fabulous.


“I partnered with Gillette Venus on this post”.  This is probably one of my favorite collaborations as of yet. Even more exciting, it’s my very first collaboration under my production company.

A quick recap on my first time shaving, I remember the first time I shaved was when I was about 14 or so, I was just in the shower clearing my thoughts, and I saw my brothers razor, on side of the tub, and I didn’t really rationalize or think about it, I just got the razor, and started shaving my legs, I don’t even think my legs were that hairy. Then I realized that there was also a shaving cream, I thought it was some kind of soap at the beginning, so I put a thick layer of shaving cream all over my leg, I think I must have cut myself like 5 times. It was terrible! And then I discovered, Gillette Venus. Since I shave my legs everyday, I quickly realized picking out the right razor is so important. You want one that’s comfortable and helps protect against nicks and cuts.

The Platinum Extra Smooth from Gillette Venus is a beautifully-designed razor with the brand’s first designed-for-women metal handle. It’s a solution for women looking for a more premium design that can hold up against everyday wear and tear, and the long lasting smoothness they desire. The sleek and ergonomic design features a heavier, premium feel and provides women with ultimate control, strength and durability. Even more, the 5 diamond-like coated blades are designed to stay sharper during more shaves, for skin that feels extra-smooth. 

On clean skin, I apply my satin clear gel. The gel is important because it helps track where I’ve shaved. Then with my NEW PLATINUM EXTRA SMOOTH RAZOR with the blade facing down, I lightly press and shave upwards. You don’t have to push down too hard. Don’t worry about those tricky areas like your knees and ankles because each blade adjusts to the contact with your skin.  This helps to avoid nix and cuts plus it has a ribbon of moisture for a smoother glide.

Like any refillable razor, you should replace the blades as soon as they start feeling dull. What’s great is that- all Venus handles and blade refills are interchangeable – so you can pop your favorite blade onto any Venus handles and mix and match for the type of shave you want that day! When you are done shaving, use a rich moisturizer to give you the ultimate goddess glow.  The smoother the skin, the more confident you are in it. So, find the goddess in you and enjoy your beautiful smooth skin. Check it out on Amazon here – your smoother skin awaits! Stay Fabulous.

I partnered with Gillette Venus on this post.